Thursday, February 17

The Seven Deadly Sins Of The People Using Facebook

Thanks Doc Albert for allowing me to have this re-posted. Again, read this with an open mind with a bottle of beer. XD

From Doc Alber's Blog

Despite the technological nitty gritty it has, Facebook has its adverse effects on its users. Like the evil Darth Vader, Facebook has lured many people into the dark side by committing these seven deadly sins:


Whether they are quoting a romantic line of saying how much they miss/love their partners, many internet users have utilized Facebook as the venue for their schmaltz. Even though most people are not interested, these lovestruck individuals imbue upon us the state of their private love affairs as if they were celebrities. To stir controversy and attention, some even toy with the idea of constantly changing their relationship status whether they are having a petty lovers' quarrel or they are having sex at that time. Others engage in an adolescent demeanor of using Facebook as a stage to say their cheesy monologues to their loved ones ala Romeo And Juliet. With this gross public display of affection, we become unwilling witnesses to these people's sentimentality and kalandian.


"I want this" or "I want that"--- the manner from which many Facebook users assert their desire to own the newly released state of the art gadgets could be likened to an ill bred spoiled brat. Likewise, there are those who turn into braggarts. To incur envy among people, they needlessly boast of their latest expensive purchases in Facebook. Despite living in a poverty stricken country, these people flash their lavish lifestyle as if they were taping an episode of MTV Cribs. Without any tinge of conscience, they parade their pricey material possessions unto our faces.


Otherwise known as flamers, these Facebook users give social networking a bad name. With the purpose of causing harm to the object of their frustration, they lash out slanderous remarks to regular people and famous celebrities they hate. Having no outlet to vent their anger, they use Facebook as their habitat to invade private accounts and fan pages to bring out their inner Bella Flores.


Instead of being more productive in school or work, many people lazed around Facebook. The worst of whom are thise who excessively update their status daily to the point of saturation. Brought by their histrionic behavior, they only have one topic they love talking about--- themselves. Aside from the sheer laziness, they have the desperate need to be on the limelight as evident by the countless attention seeking posts of their frivolous thoughts, activities and cam whoring photos.


Strangely, many Facebook users are compelleed to publicize what they want to eat or what they have just eaten when people are not even interested on such trivial matter. Most of whom require themselves to inform us of their menu especially if it involves something that a minimum wage earner could not even afford. In an intent not to just stir our palate but to brag about how sosyal they are as well, these people regularly plague Facebook with their gluttonous nature.


Other people probably think that Facebook is a ticket for stardom. By creating their own fan pages, these relatively unknown individuals live up to the illusion that everyone looks up to them. Succumbing to their narcissistic nature, they shamelessly promote their public accounts so people could venerate their beauty or worship their self proclaimed expertise. Despite being never heard of by most people, these brazen celebrity wanna bes misuse the fan page feature of Facebook for the sake of self glorification.


Out of greed for money, many Facebook users intrude other people's privacy by tagging the photos of their commodities or asking us to vote for them in an online contest. Pestering us with personal messages or posts we are compelled to remove or untag ourselves from afterward, these people are like parasite whose only purpose in communicating with you is to earn money or win a competition. For their personal gain and selfish interest, these internet peddlers and contestants cross the boundary of ethics by invading our private domain without any permission.

It will only be a matter of time before Facebook would totally demonize the people who are using it. After putting Friendster an Multiply into oblivion, Facebook has turned its attention in slowly transforming many people into self centered egomaniacs. The coming of the first and second Anti-Christs was believed to be in the persons of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler respectively. Though I'm no Nostradamus, I can foretell that Facebook with the way it's causing humans to commit these moral crimes just could be the third Anti-Christ.

I'd rather not comment on each sin as I find it way too amusing for me to think. XD

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