Saturday, February 19

Our Late Valentine's Dinner Date at Conti's


After my wife's 4D Ultrasound session at The Medical City, we went straight back to Greenhills to look for Conti's to celebrate our belated Valentines dinner there.

I've been reading blogs about how they love eating at Conti's. It seems they're in heaven whenever they try either Mango Bravo or their famous Baked Salmon or probably both. The only thing left is for us to taste it ourselves. 

We were really hungry as I placed our order and wait. Lo and behold, our food was served one by one after less than 5 minutes. That was really fast (highly recommended for their fast service).

The first that we tried was their soup of the day which was Seafood Chowder (80 pesos). I'm a big fan of soups especially with seafood on it. It was really thick and creamy. Though I sensed a strong taste of seafood there, adding a little salt did its magic.

Seafood Chowder

Then, drinks were served. I got their Bottomless Iced Tea (75 pesos) while my wife picked Strawberry-Banana Youghurt Shake (120 pesos). The iced tea was ok but my wife's shake tastes better XD.

My wife's Banana Shake

Next that was served was their Smoked Salmon Salad (195 pesos, to share). I liked the crunchiness of the greens and the almonds. My wife loved the smell of vinaigrette in it. The salad was perfect we didn't noticed any salmon in it XD.

Smoked Salmon Salad

Then our main dish. I chose Conti's Baked Salmon (350 pesos) while my chose Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce (295 pesos). Actually she was too hungry to choose so I chose this for her XD.

Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce

Conti's Baked Salmon

Aside from the fact that Conti's was best for its frozen Mango Bravo, Conti's is also best for its Baked Salmon. And it didn't fail my taste buds. The salmon was tasty and it has no hint of any fishy smell. The cheese on top was to die for since it has a garlicky taste that reminds me of Shakey's Garlic and Cheese pizza but this was was more flavorful. It was complemented by their paella rice that I choose which made my dinner memorable.

I got to finish my wife's Roast Beef since she was full already. The beef was tender but the mushroom sauce needs more distinction since it tastes similar to those I've tried before. I think I need to set a baseline for this one though. Or probably the food wasn't warm anymore when my wife passed it to me.

And finally, dessert. I chose Conti's famous Frozen Mango Bravo (120 pesos) and Bananalicious Pie (80 pesos) for my wife. Now I know why this was considered Conti's bread-and-butter. It's a chilled layers of sponge cake with mango chunks cashew, cream and chocolate mousse. The cake was so big its really perfect for sharing since it was as big as my hand. probably bigger.

Frozen Mango Bravo

As for the Bananalicious Pie, we had to take it home since both of us were stuffed already (I'm eating it right now since no one was looking XD). I must say it would give Banoffee a run for their money on how Conti's version taste.

Bananalicious Pie

Well, we enjoyed our date there and I hope we could go back with our baby after she comes out from her mom. ^_^


  1. kudos to their fast services! food looks delicious! :)

  2. Seafood Chowder Cute presentation! and the other menus too! I like the name of the shake! Cool! :)

  3. I love Conti's mango bravo cake. Yummy!

  4. yay.. reading so much of salmon... perhaps they want your baked salmon big so in your salad was just slivers of salmon hehehe... we missed you sa postal tour...

  5. Your mention about "fast service" made me include the place in my list of restaurant destinations. :)

  6. the roast beef has always been to die for ... as for the mango bravo, I find it more a novelty.

  7. salmon salad and roast beef looks yummy!! wow! even the shake sounds very yummy! xx

  8. this is a good treat for your wife... very healthy treat especially that she's pregnant. Yahweh bless.


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