Friday, February 25

EDSA 1's Silver Year

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I don't have a clear memory about what happened 25 years ago today since I was a kid and all I do was play all day.I was barely 7 years old back then who thinks of nothing but to enjoy the moment.

But as years go by, I noticed that a lot of people were celebrating EDSA 1 since it was a symbol of our freedom from the former administration's dictatorship. I must say I should be proud of our history that allowed us to be totally free. Free from oppression and all that makes people miserable.

Usually, there are throngs of people who gather around the People Power Monument to celebrate this momentous event. For me, I'd rather watch how it happens on TV as well as take a breather than join them not because I don't want to but rather I prefer to get some rest and relaxation.

One thing I noticed is that it hasn't changed a bit. Like in a sense that corruption is still inevitable. As long as there is greed inside each and everyone of us, freedom will not be claimed. Even the heroes of EDSA then could be the goats now and even vice-versa.

Good thing for the students, you dont have class today. Unfortunately for some of the work force, you need to report to work =P. I won't be reporting to work since it would be my rest day  for the night XD

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