Monday, February 21

The week that was (February 13 - 19)

Sunday: I got up at around 4:30am and I made sure I'd get up early for me to get some headway before sleeping in the afternoon. I went online for a short while before doing my laundry at around 6:30am. It only took me an hour to finish it. I was able to get Sunday's paper early and read it early as well. By 9:15am I did some groceries for the things I need for the week. My wife got up a bit late since its cold outside. I was also able to watch some TV from CI channel as my wife prepares herself for the 12:00pm mass. We got there on time and made sure we completed the mass too. Then we went back home to have lunch and get my 5 hours of rest. I got up at around 7:45pm and prepared for work. I got late by 10 minutes since I got preoccupied along the way. I got two calls within the first two hours of my shift and that made me more awake. 

Monday: After those two calls, I was able to do some things though my mind was somewhere else. I also did some follow-up calls on the other call I got earlier since it requires me to escalate it. I tried to take pictures of my Canon Calendar with and without flash in RAW. That was the first time I shoot in RAW with the aid of my external flash. I don't know if it looks good or not but I have to study it carefully for my Advanced Class in the future. I left the office t 7:05am and got home an hour and twenty minutes later. I was able to go online for a few more hours before I took my wife to the LRT. Then I read the news when I got back home before going to bed. I got up 7 hours later as I prepared for my second day. I took the three-bus ride in going to the office but I got late by 20 minutes. Good thing our US counterparts are not that busy yet. 

Tuesday: Work was a bit smooth though some of my calls were at least 30 minutes long on the average. I was able to do some personal stuff online and some blogging. I was able to look for a website for traveling to China (together with its itineraries) as well a website for my wife's 3D/4D ultrasound this coming Friday. Now I have a clear idea on how much it would possibly cost, unless it would be again more expensive when done at The Medical City XD. I got a long call at 6:15am which I had to endorse to the next shift. That call was long and the issue was a rogue-like virus attacking on the user's system. Though I left the office at around 7:45am, it didn't take me an hour and a half to get home plus I had to takeout a clubhouse sandwich from Tropical Hut. I went online for a few more hours before taking my wife to her ride at the LRT. I went upstairs and relaxed more before going to bed. I got up at 7:45pm and prepared myself for work. I got to the office before my shift started as well as I have company now which means I don't have to work alone anymore XD.

Wednesday: Got a bit busy at work at around 12:00am onwards. I got an email from my Helpdesk Manager in the US that one of the accounts I created messed up and its not easy to fix it. I had to consult him and our Helpdesk Supervisor in the US and for just one letter, they had to redo the windows account all over. I wasn't even able to do some follow-up calls that I'm supposed to do. I lost all my mojo with what I was supposed to do on the latter part of my shift. After my shift, I looked for the nearest ATM to get some cash. I took the Crossing-Quiapo route but as I went down at crossing, I took a different route to have breakfast there since I got hungry. I tried PG-13 (Pinoy Grilled 13) and their breakfast and it was quite ok for me. Then I went straight home after that heavy breakfast.I went online again for a few more minutes before getting to bed to get my 7 hours of sleep. I got up 7 hours later and got myself ready for work. It didn't took me that long to reach the office thanks to the route I take whenever I leave home.

Thursday: We got the phone while they're on lunch but thanks to my new colleague I am not alone anymore. Though I feel that I'm still loaded with work since I'll be doing the bulk of the email for the US team. Our local team lead came to the office early to finish some documents that he need as well as gave me a hand in some tickets that needs to be resolved. After my shift, I went home right away as I took a cab and got home in 30 minutes. I was able to get into bed at 7:45am as my wife was still sleeping. I got unconsciously awake for a few minutes as my wife kissed me goodbye for her work.I was able to get at least 5 hours of sleep and I myself prepared to attend my first blogger's event. After that event, I got in the office an hour early as I felt really sleepy that time. I tried to avoid coffee so as to not to feel sudden heartbeats again.

Friday: They transferred the phones to us at 2:00am for their late lunch. My eyes were very droopy as it cries for sleep. Strong coffee didn't help me that much in keeping myself awake. But still I was able to do call-outs on users that needs assistance with software re-installation. Actually, I'm almost done with all re-installations except for those who requested on a different day. Our local team lead came in again early to finish some more work of his own and probably assist us on hard-to-resolve issues. After my shift, I went home right away as I took a cab again and it only took me 15 minutes to get home. At 7:45am, I was already in bed trying to get some sleep and I think I was able to do so since I got up at 11:00am. It took us a while before getting ourselves ready for my wife's check-up today at The Medical City. We left home at 1:30pm and got there at 3:00pm. Good thing it didn't took us that long to have my wife checked by her doctor before proceeding to the Women's Health Center for her 3D/4D Ultrasound to determine our baby's gender. After that we went to Conti's in Greenhills to have our late Valentine's Dinner there (I'll create a separate blog for this). After our dinner, we went home tired and I got up on our room after watching TV for a few more minutes. 

Saturday: I got up at around 4:30am to catch-up since I haven't been online for almost 24 hours now. I just went online for at least 3 hours before getting myself ready for my Saturday activities. I had my breakfast at Intramuros again before going to SMX to attend the Travel Tour Expo 2011. I was supposed to attend another event at WTC but I got to exhausted so I decided to have my early dinner at Sakae Sushi only to got disappointed because of the few options on the red plate. It took me a while before riding a bus to Lawton since there were traffic enforcers who were on eye with road violators. Once I got home, I did some laundry before going online for an hour before calling it a day. My wife texted me to pick her up at the LRT and went there to pick-her up. After dinner, I went upstairs to sort the papers that I got from the Travel Tour Expo until I felt the urge to close my eyes and go to sleep.

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