Tuesday, April 23

Hot Import Nights 2: The day after the VIP Party

I had to make a choice between attending Saturday night's VIP Party of HIN2 or spending time with my daughter, I chose the latter. Why? Because its her Birthday last Saturday =P

Moving on, I got there at WTC last Sunday at around 1:00pm as I try to maximize my time. 

However, I had to get in the groove for almost two hours before I started taking pictures of the lovely models.

I saw some of my good friends taking pictures while they have a good conversation with the models. 

I also bought a book called "Vixenation" which I may give it a review sometime soon. 

And before I left at 5:00pm, I made sure I covered all bases leaving no stone unturned. Hopefully by next year, I could attend the VIP Party just like last year.

BTW, pictures to follow soon. XD

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