Monday, April 15

Marien 365: Week 23 (Day 155 - 161)

Day 155: Sleeping from her crib. We bought that crib even before she was born but we only used it probably less than 5 times as were used to have her sleep between us.

Day 155

Day 156: I got home from the office and I saw her playing from her crib.

Day 156

Day 157: Before I left to go to work, I took a quick snapahot.

Day 157

Day 158: Taken while having a lunch-out somewhere in Timog. Its quite challenging for us to eat-out and take care of her at the same time but its worth every minute.

Day 158

Day 159: Before my wife and I go to attend a wedding. She was taken care of by her mom and sister.

Day 159

Day 160: It was a stormy day that I wasn't able to go to work.

Day 160

Day 161: Still sleeping after the storm has calm down.

Day 161

  Week 24, by Saturday. XD

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