Wednesday, April 10

Marien 365: Week 22 (Day 148 - 154)

Day 148: Dazed and confused. To play or not to play at 1:00am. XD

Day 148

Day 149: Very beautiful. =)

Day 149

Day 150: Playing her Rubiks Cube

Day 150

Day 151: As she gets up from her sleep.

Day 151

Day 152: She's starting to grab things like her mom's cake.

Day 152

Day 152: Had to celebrate it a day ahead as I have to work the next day. 

Day 152

Day 153: Its really a challenge if you room is too red. XD

Day 153

Day 154: Taking her usual meal of bottled milk. XD

Day 154

Week 23, next!

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