Saturday, April 20

Marien 365: Week 24 (Day 162 - 168)

Day 162: Feeding time.

Day 162

Day 163: Before I left for work, she's still playing with her mom instead of sleeping. XD

Day 163

Day 164: When I got home fro work at past midnight, she's up and awake waiting for her daddy to come home. After a few hours, I had to get-up early to attend the SKWWPW.

Day 164

Day 165: While waiting for her mom to get dressed for church on a Sunday morning.

Day 165

Day 166: Another day.

Day 166

Day 167: Her mom was still sleeping when my baby is already playing.

Day 167

Day 168: Another day of playing around.

Day 168

Week 25 is next after a few days. XD

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