Wednesday, April 10

Sizzling Covers for April

April 1st marks the beginning of Summer (My standard is that after Easter Sunday, that's my official start of summer =P). But it'll be much hotter once you see who would be the covergirl/coverboys of some magazines that I collect. XD

1. FHM Philippines (Sunshine Cruz): Materyales Fuertes is back and there's no one stopping her from gracing the covers once more. After thirteen years, several job changes and all, she's still materyales fuertes that I know way back.

FHM Philippines

2. Esquire Philippines (Louie Ysmael/Eric Cua): The Kings of the Manila Club Scene is our coverboys for this month. I'm kinda curious on how this issue would be but it would still be a good buy anyway.

Esquire Philippines

3. Rogue (G Toengi-Walters): Since she left the country in 2000, most of her fan wonder when she will come back. And when she graced the covers of Rogue on a Dietreitch-inspired shoot, I'm sure all of her fans (old and new) would be delighted to see her once more.


4. Playboy Philippines (2012 Playmates): They have this habit of having more than one covergirl in almost every issue especially if its their 5th Anniversary Issue. Better get ready for the Untamed Seduction. I'm looking forward to grab a copy once its available.

Playboy Philippines

Playboy Philippines

So what are you waiting for? grab em' while its hot! XD

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