Friday, March 22

The Week That Was (March 10 - 16)

Sunday: Got up early as my daughter threw-up again after drinking her morning milk. It hurts me whenever I see my daughter in pain and cries out loud. I wish I could take that pain away from her and suffer it instead. The morning was pretty okay as I was able to do other things before putting Migmig to sleep in the afternoon. Then we hear mass at St Anthony before we went to Gateway in Cubao to have dinner there. We ate at Burgoo so I could use my voucher card for March. Then we shopped for Migmig's bottles as I got to buy a book at Fully Booked before going home. We got a lot of stuff bought so my arms felt very little strain. I went to bed a bit late feeling tired. 

Monday: My wife and I got up early as Migmig threw-up after feeding her with her milk and my wife got most of what our daughter spew. Well, my wife got up early while I followed after. The morning was steady until both of us went to work. I had to back-read some old tickets for me to learn and understand. By the end of the shift, I got home at close to midnight as I got to spend time catching up with my colleagues. 

Tuesday: Got up at almost 8:00am felling a little bit better as I slept for around 7 hours before Migmig wanted to go down and play. We went out for some fun in the sun before going back home to have breakfast. By noon, I'm off to work feeling energized and rejuvenated. I did the same things again but I had to be more attentive making sure that I would be able to help my team mates in anyway I can. By the end of the shift, I had to go home early so I could go online and be home by midnight. 

Wednesday: Got up at close to 8:00am as my daughter keeps on waking me up asking to go down. We went down as I prepare her bottled milk. Then my mom paid us a visit. I was able to do other things as my mom kept my daughter company. The morning was pretty quick as I bought some medicines for myself (maintenance) that costs me almost 5000 pesos. Come to think of it, if only I didn't have these conditions right now, that money could have been used for something else. I got stuck in traffic at work but I was able to reach the office just in time. Work was steady again as I read some old tickets. Though my routine is a bit boring, I made sure I would learn little by little so I could be more marketable in the near future. By the time I got home, I was pretty much tired but happy as payday comes near. 

Thursday: Got up early at almost 8:00am as I went online even without doing my morning rituals. That is for me to update some of the things online. Migmig and I went down at 9:00am to have some fun outside and inside the apartment. We even went outside as soon as my wife kissed our baby goodbye (she went to work). My daughter simply enjoyed running around until she tripped. I had to pick her up and comfort her so she'd stop crying. I hurriedly got ready for work and I was able to get there early. After shift, I went to bed as soon as I got home. This would also be the first month since I started working again. 

Friday: Got up at around 6:30am as I have to attend our company's orientation at 10:00am. I got in the office at past 9:00am though leaving home early. The orientation was a first in after a month I started working. By noontime, my first paycheck went in. I was so surprised with the amount, I could buy an I-Phone 5 with it. But of course, I have to pay my debts, buy some supplements and give some to Nanay as well as buy Migmig's needs. After the orientation, I had to read some emails before going to Greenbelt. I went to Fully Booked first to look for some books for my baby but I wasn't satisfied with their selection so I went to Powerbooks to look for those books. I've spent almost an hour but I was able to purchase close to 3000 pesos worth of Migmig's books. Then I had dinner at Toast Box in Greenbelt 5 while reading some magazines I bought earlier. It took me almost an hour to hail a cab and got home after close to 30 minutes. When I show the books to my daughter, she got so elated while my wife was shocked to find out I spent that amount of money for those books. For me, its the happiness of my daughter that matters. 

Saturday: Got up a bit late as I feel tired for the entire week. By the time I went downstairs, I went to the drugstore to buy some supplements for me as I need to be as healthy as I can. When Migmig got up, I took care of her in the morning before leaving for SM Megamall at past 1:00pm, When I got to the mall, I had lunch at Masuki first before finding a decent pair of running shoes that I could also use for work. I was hoping to buy Adidas' latest but eventually, I settled for a Climacool and went home right away. Had to take a nap as my head really hurts like its drilling a hole. Got up an hour later and took Migmig outside for a walk and the pain in my head slowly went away. I went to bed late after having late dinner at Jollibee. 

I've been doing this weekly since 2010 and this would be the last. Why? With my work schedule and other priorities that needs my attention, I have to give way. Plus I wanted to keep some private details to myself and myself alone. 

Next post coming soon. I hope. XD

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