Saturday, March 9

Summer Starts with them (March Covergirls)

It is inevitable. The weather begins to get hotter and hotter. And after Holy Week, its already summer. 

And these magazines do have their covergirls sizzle us up for the summer. I'm sure you will too. 

1. FHM Philippines (Empress Schuck): For their 13th anniversary issue, it is fitting that someone new would grace FHM's cover. I've browsed through its pages and I like what I'm reading.

FHM Philippines March 2013

2. Esquire Philippines (Richard Gomez): Uhm, The Philippines first so-called "Adonis" of his era talks about manhood. This issue is packed with a lot of good stuff but the reason I bought this is because of Jessy Mendiola. I won't tell you what's inside =P

Esquire Philippines March 2013

3. Rogue (Rhian Ramos): I think I need to check my stuff back home if Rhian has already graced the covers of Rogue or not. And I need to get one of these before it runs out.

Rogue March 2013

4. Playboy Philippines (Arianne): This would be Playboy Philippines' 50th cover since inception in 2008. I'm not yet sure if its already released but I'm curious on how their interview with Mike Enriquez went. And it also has an alternate cover just in case you want more variety. This always makes me think which cover is better.

Playboy Philippines March 2013

Playboy Philippines March 2013

As of this writing, I have yet to wait for UNO's latest but these would be enough for now.

If I were you, I'd get a copy now XD.

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  1. OmG! I luv the hotness, the wilderness and the witness of these magazines' issues :) will grab the copies for sure :) thanks for shairng bro!


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