Thursday, March 21

Marien 365: Week 18 (Day 120 - 126)

Day 120: Now she can reach for her feet.

Day 120

Day 121: Waiting for her turn again at the hospital.

Day 121

Day 121: After her check-up, she played again by crawling across our bed.

Day 121

Day 122: My girl's 4th month.

Day 122

Day 122: She looks towards her mom wanting to be carried in her arms.

Day 122

Day 123: After celebrating her 4th month, she's still sleepy as a log.

Day 123

Day 124: Before reporting for work.

Day 124

Day 125: I just got home from work and she's wide awake.

Day 125

Day 126: Still Sleeping. XD

Day 126

Week 19, up next. XD  

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