Sunday, March 31

Marien 365: Week 20 (Day 134 - 140)

Day 134: Hayyyy. Still sleeping again.

Day 134

Day 135: Our little girl reaching for her milk.

Day 135

Day 135: Taking a look closely at her bottle.

Day 135

Day 136: Feeding time again XD

Day 136

Day 137: Before having dinner, we make she has her first.

Day 137

Day 138: As my wife gets ready for her bath, its my turn to watch her as she plays around.

Day 138

Day 138: All smiles as soon as she saw her mom back from taking a bath. XD

Day 138

Day 139: Happy with her thumb. XD

Day 139

Day 140: Doing her morning exercise at almost 11:00am. XD

Day 140

Week 21, after a few days. XD

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