Monday, March 11

The Week That Was (March 3 - 9)

Sunday: Got up at bit early so I could do some update on my blogs as well as check my fb. Well I thought my wife would do some errands for the day as I took care of Migmig and put her to sleep in the afternoon. It turns out to be that she slept downstairs. I went down and let her took care of our baby for the rest of the afternoon as I went out to buy some diapers for my daughter at SM Manila. Just like the other day, the mall was packed with people and I had to queue for sometime before I was able to purchase the things I need. Snacks were at Sbarro while reading my just-bought FHM magazine. I was able to go home after being away for two hours. Then I sorted some things back home before spending the rest of the day and went to bed. 

Monday: Got up early so I could go online and do some of my things. The morning was pretty okay.  When I got to work, I felt the goodvibes coming in. I also joined a crash-course overview of football which I learned a lot of things. Work was pretty swift and easy as I had to join the team for some bonding time before going home at close to midnight. 

Tuesday: Got up at almost 8:00am as I went online until Migmig gets up. We went downstairs at around 10:00am as we started our morning late. Then its rush--time getting to work but still I arrive at the office early and had my lunch. Work was pretty much okay as I got to send some updates for the team. I had to leave early after work so I could go online before midnight. My wife was working on her laptop when I got upstairs and get some sleep. 

Wednesday: Got up early at 7:30am as I went online at a nearby computer shop. I went online for only an hour before going back as Migmig was already up and awake. I was able to babysit my daughter for a few hours before reporting for work. Since its maintenance on a Wednesday, I wasn't able to join the crash-course training on football as I have to help the team in anyway I can. Anyway I was able to have some chit-chat with some colleagues before finally going home. 

Thursday: Got up at past 8:00am as I'm still having a hard time getting up. I tried looking for that passbook but still I wasn't able to find them. I even left home at past noon and good thing, I got in the office early to have lunch. It was pretty busy as I browsed through the web for some interesting IT-related topics for me to learn and add to my resume. I was able to save some food for myself as I know the food in the pantry gets wiped-out especially if the food tastes really good. After shift, I went home right away as I took a cab so I could go online for an hour. When I got home, Migmig was still awake so I relaxed and took my time until midnight. I went online again as my wife was already sleeping and tried uploading some pictures but to no avail. I think I slept at past 2:00am as my eyes hurt already =P

Friday: Got awake in the middle of the night (past 3:00am) as Migmig was crying. Probably having a bad dream and I just slept for an hour. I woke-up my wife for her 8:00am meeting and went back to sleep. By 10:00am, she woke me up and told me to get ready. While Migmig was still sleeping, I tried to look for the passbook under our bed but to no avail. I looked at the other closet where my things are placed but still no avail. Well, I guess it will appear soon as long as I don't find it. I left home a bit late bit still arrived early. Had lunch in the office as I didn't had breakfast back home. Work was a bit slow again as I just read some previous tickets and observed how one of the issues has been resolved. I had my late dinner which I bought some soup to fill my stomach. Come after shift, I joined my colleagues for a late night dinner before going home. Good thing Migmig was fast asleep when I got home and I joined her to bed and get that much needed rest.

Saturday: For the second time this week, I got up late at almost 10:00am as my body still feels some aches from yesterday. For whatever reason, I'm yearning for some more sleep, hoping I could get that to make my body function better. For lunch, I had rice since I haven't been getting any since I started working again. I went online in the afternoon to do some updates. When I got back, I watched some volleyball on TV before going online again at night. When I got back, Migmig was having problems with her cough as she throws-up a lot most of the time. I hope my daughter gets better tomorrow. 

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