Tuesday, March 26

Marien 365: Week 19 (Day 127 - 133)

Day 127: She just got up. XD

Day 127

Day 128: Taken a few minutes past midnight as she wants to play.

Day 128

Day 128: Still sleeping but she sleeps like an adult already. XD

Day 128

Day 129: Thumb-Sucking again. XD

Day 129

Day 130: Look, still sleepy.

Day 130

Day 130: Still sleepy as she yawns. XD

Day 130

Day 131: She's covered making sure she doesn't get cold.

Day 131

Day 131: She felt asleep after seeing our sketch. XD

Day 131

Day 132: As usual, still sleeping. XD

Day 132

Day 133: On her own. She can lay down on her stomach with so much ease.

Day 133

Week 20, in the next few days. XD

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