Friday, October 26

Non-Print Day Lecture Series: Sofia Genato

It was a stormy day when I got to Sir Jo's Studio last night. I my pants and shoes were soaking wet that I had to dry up first before getting inside his studio. Even there was enough time before the lecture series, I missed most of the "Hunger Games" movie that we were suppose to watch while waiting. 

Little did I know that Ms Sofia Genato was already in the studio even before the lecture has started. 

Sofia Genato by Jo Avila

Ms. Sofia Genato started out as a hobbyist in photograhy. As a self-taught photographer, she started with Maternity Photography before moving to Child, Family and eventually, Newborn Photography. One thing I remember that she said was "Take a lot of pictures, quantity leads to quality". 

She showed to us some of her works that got me really amazed. When I saw some of them, I look back at my project 365 thinking why I didn't think of that? I guess I need to do more practice and my wife needs to give birth so Migmig would have a playmate and I would have a new subject. XD

Here are some thoughts she shared with us during her talk (I'll share some).

1. Get it right in camera.
2. Find the light, know the light. 
3. Look for different angles. 
4. Turn off the flash. 
5. Check the Background
6. Engage with kids. 
7. There is beauty in details. 
8. Know when to say when.
9. Have a vision in mind. 
10. Don't give up. 

Through her talk, probably most of us would pursue to be professional photographers one way or the other. I hope I could turn pro someday. ^_^

Looking forward to attend the next non-print day lecture series ^_^.

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