Wednesday, October 24

The week that was (October 14 - 20)

Sunday: Got up a bit late and took Migmig down by past 8:00am. We just went out for a walk before we got back home. After putting her to sleep, I was able to go online and get ready as the three of us took a cab to Makati to have some fondue at The Old Swiss Inn (I'll write a blog about it). After eating, we went to Ayala Triangle Garden to let my daughter play to her heart's content. I took some pictures of her as well before taking the three-bus route going home. By 8:00pm, all three of us got tired but still enjoyed the rest of the night before going to bed but not without buying milk for my baby first as she ran out of supply already.

Monday: Got up as early as 6:45am as I have a scheduled interview at 10:00am. I had breakfast first and got dressed for the interview before leaving home at 8:00am. I took the bus going to Ortigas then took another to Pasay Road. I had to walk for about 5-10 minutes before reaching the place I had to go to for my interview. When I got there,I had to wait for a few minutes before my technical exam. And my technical exam was pretty bloody as I can't recall most of the questions there I used to know. after the exam, the recruiter told me to be back at 1:00pm and its only 11:00am at my phone. I went to Greenbelt 3 to buy a magazine before having lunch at Cafe Havana (my second time). I got really full after eating as I walk back to the building for my interview. It was a short one and lasted for about 15 minutes before they inform me to wait for a call. After my interview, I'm off to A
labang to pick-up my UNO Collector's Issue only to get disappointed when I got my copy. There were no difference in the first UNO I bought a few weeks back. With plenty of time to spare, I visited SM Southmall which I haven't been to in almost a decade. There were a lot of changes since I got there but what I like most about it is the row of restaurants at the back. Some of them I think can only be found there as I promised myself to take my family there when time permits. I left SM at 5:00pm and got home almost 3 hours later. The day was really tiring but I'm looking forward to do it again when time permits. XD

Tuesday: Got up at almost 7:00am as I went online to do some stuff. My wife and daughter got up a bit late at 8:30am. I took Migmig out and went to the bank to do some transactions (paying a voucher) before going back home. After Migmig's bath, I put her to bed only to get up after less than an hour. I had no choice but to keep up with her pace and went down so my daughter can have lunch. I had some snacks outside before I took her up again and put her to sleep. I was surprised she slept again and I did too. When I got up, I went online for a couple of minutes before going out to visit Nanay. Practically it was a boring day that is not.

Wednesday: Got up at 7:00am even if I still feel a little bit groggy from last night. Good thing my daughter is still sleeping soundly despite battling colds that hinders her breathing through the nose. I went online for an hour before she got up. In the afternoon, Then I let her aunt took care of her so I could go out and go online there as our game cannot be accessed on our PC. I had some snacks first as my tummy is rumbling already. When I went back home, she's fast asleep so I went up and took care of her until she gets up. Another boring day but its not as I fix some of my things upstairs before going to sleep.

Thursday: I went out as early as 7:00am to go online for a couple of minutes as our game was still inaccessible before going back to see my daughter already up and awake. I was also able to buy some stuff at Llanas before putting my daughter to sleep after her bath. She got up an hour and a hlaf later while I'm in the middle of doing something online. We both went down before I went out to go online for a few hours more and got home at almost 6:00pm. Migmig was asleep when I got back so I went online for a few minutes before she got up. When we went down, her aunt had visitors so we stayed in the kitchen not to bother them so much with my baby's antics. The night was pretty much the same until we went to bed and get some rest.

Got up early for me to go online outside and check on our Cafe Land. When I got home, Migmig was already awake so we went out to buy some pandesal so my baby could enjoy the rest of the morning. After her bath, she went to sleep which gave me time to go online. Then by the time she got up again, I took her down to get dressed and for me to get ready as we will meet her mom at SM Megamall. We left at almost 3:00pm as we took an FX going there. When we got there, we had lunch at Secret Recipe while waiting for my wife. Migmig wanted more so I gave her some of my lunch as well. She arrived at almost 5:00pm just in time I'm finished eating. We looked for the tablet my wife has been eyeing for days and she was able to buy it. Then we had its firmware downloaded before we went down to use my GCs from The Sandwich Guy to have our late dinner (I'm thinking of writing a blog about it). Good thing we were able to get a ride home quick as my daughter fell asleep at around 9:00pm on our way home. I went out to go online to complete our Cafe Land games before going back at almost midnight and get some sleep.

Saturday: Got up early for me to go online outside and check on our Cafe Land. When I got home, Migmig was already awake so we went out for a walk. I took her to Jollibee for breakfast and I was able to feed her until she got full. When we got back, her mom was busy preparing our things to bring at the Manila Hotel later.I went online at home and got surprised when our Cafe Land is now working after having problems accessing it on our own PC. By past 12:00pm we left home and got to The Manila Hotel at past 1:00pm (I'll write a blog about it). The afternoon was pretty much okay as I got to take photos of the hotel before we had dinner at Shakey's. After dinner, we made ourselves comfortable before going to sleep on the hotel's king-sized bed. XD

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