Sunday, October 28

The week that was (October 21 - 27)

Sunday: Got up a little bit late at almost 7:00am hence I wasn't able to take some shots at The Manila Hotel in the morning. I wake my wife and baby for breakfast at Cafe Ilang-Ilang (I'll write a blogpost about it). When we got there, we simply enjoy the food as well as take some family portraits and probably, we stayed there for two hours before we walked along the poolside. By 10:00am, we were getting ready to check-out of the hotel when Migmig fell asleep as she was suppose to have her bath at a big bath tub. Anyway, I took a bath on the tub before getting dressed. We took a cab going home and got there before 12:00pm. I took a long nap as I get started to feel tired and dizzy. I got up at 2:30pm as my wife and baby's turn to get a nap. I went online to kill boredom and try to update myself for around an hour or two before going back home. When Migmig was up again, I took her out to nanay and let her spend the rest of the afternoon before having snacks at Chowking. Though I don't feel well, I still took a bath since taking baths at hotels don't make me comfortable before going to sleep.

Monday: Got up early so I could go online and try to finish some of my entries. My daughter got up a few minutes past 8:00am so I took her out for some fun in the sun. The morning rush again as we head off to The Medica City for my baby's check-up. We took an LRT2 ride to Cubao before getting a cab straight to the hospital. We were in luck as we didn't have to stay in the hospital as we had our lunch at SM Megamall. We picked Inasal Chicken Bacolod as our pitstop as we were really hungry at that time. Then my wife had to do some errands on her sister's tablet so I took Migmig somewhere to get her pre-occupied. Then we spend the rest of the afternoon at Starbucks with my wife having a hot drink while I had juice from Mondo Juice. Migmig fell asleep for almost 2 hours before she got up as we decide to go home and enjoy the rest of the evening there.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 6:00am as I have a scheduled interview with Perimeter along Makati Avenue. Once I got dressed-up, I had breakfast at Jollibee first before taking the LRT2-1 connection. LRT-2 ride was fine but I had to get myself cramped at LRT-1. When I got to Buendia, I took a jeep and to my dismay, I forgot my resume at home (Toinks!) XD. Good thing there was an internet cafe nearby so I just had it re-printed and went to Perimeter's office. Just in time, I was able to get in to their office. The lady at the frontdesk hand me over the application form and I fill it up and submit it back to her along with my resume. She was the one who initiated the interview as well. The interview went fine with some lapses on my part when I was asked if I had questions. I finished at 10:30am so I went to  my old office in Makati to get my clearance form and have it signed. It didn't took me that long as all people that I need to find were there. After handing my stuff to Greif and my Clearance to Grow, I head off to Greenbelt to have lunch at Cafe Havana (again!). I remember the text message I received that my laptop is ready for pick-up. I got home at around 3:00pm and wasted no time in getting my other stuff ready so I could go to NEO Service Center along Shaw Blvd. When I got there, I was the last customer on queue so they had to put the hard drive back  and have it tested before the final paperwork has been made. Then I went to the nearest Starbucks to have coffee and kill time as well as think and strategize for the week ahead. I felt sleepy with the caffeine in my system so I decided to go home and enjoy the rest of the night. ^_^

Wednesday: Got up at past 5:30am to start my day. I was able to finish some of my blogposts as well as read Sunday's paper on a Wednesday morning. XD Migmig got up at past 9:00am so I didn't put her to sleep at this time. All of a sudden, I had this urge to download all my files from my multiply site straight to my PC. Its around 16,000 files but most of them were pretty small so I think I could handle (I think XD). I cool our room so Migmig would be able to sleep in the afternoon. I was able to put her to sleep at past 1:00pm and she got up at almost 4:00pm. We spent some more time upstairs as her aunt and uncle were pretty busy. By 6:00pm, I went out to have some snacks before going to SM Centerpoint to buy some wet wipes for my baby before coming back home. I went online for a couple minutes more before we got to bed at past 11:00pm. 

Thursday: Got up at almost 7:00am, and I'm late for today's activity. I got myself and my gear ready as I head off to Intramuros first for breakfast. Unfortunately, Stall #9, aka Manang's is closed so I had to go somewhere else. I went online for almost an hour before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. I had to buy an umbrella as I forgot to bring one with me plus the rain is getting stronger and stronger. Another unfortunate thing happened is that my big toe on my left foot begins to swell which makes walking difficult. When I got to The National Museum, it was already past 10:00pm (I'll write a blog about this). After spending time there for almost 5 hours, I head off to SM Manila to have my late lunch there at Bonchon. Still nursing my left foot, I had to walk slowly and carefully until I hopped on the next bus to Greenhills. Not sure whether the Non-Print Day lecture series would push through or not, I went online to check for any cancellations but there is none. Then I walk my way to Sir Jo's studio as heavy rain still keep on pouring and my feet were already drenched in rain water. By the time I got to the Studio, I saw only a handful of people. After dinner, the lecture started at exactly 8:00pm with Ms Sofia Genato as the speaker (I'll write a blog about this). I stayed at the studio for an hour after the talk before I took a cab going home. I didn't sleep first as I need to go online and probably, I dozed-off at 1:30am.

Friday: Got up late at 9:00am though my eyes have been open since 8:30am. I forgot to get up at 6:00am to go online and catch-up. I took Migmig out to buy some pandesal but we weren't able to buy any so we got back home instead and had breakfast with what we have at home. The morning was pretty steady as I got online outside for an hour before putting Migmig to sleep at past 1:00pm. She got up at around 3:00pm or so before we went down as I took a bath when my wife just got back from  her trip to Quiapo. She decided to go to SM Manila to do some purchases for her new tablet. I agreed as I haven't had lunch yet and I'm craving for Bonchon again. We got to SM Manila by 6:00pm and head straight to Bonchon for dinner. Then my wife bought a screen protector for her tablet as well as a 32GB micro SD before heading home. I went online right away but my wife put Migmig to bed by 10:00pm so I went out to go online until almost midnight before I went to bed.

Saturday: Got up early this time at 7:00am and I started to go online. Migmig got up at 8:30am so I took her down and out to Nanay for some fun in the sun. We got back home at 9:30am so my baby could have more breakfast. My wife was still sleeping by 10:30am so I let my baby wake her up. By 11:30am, I went upsairs to get a nap until 1:00pm. I was able to put Migmig to sleep at 1:30pm as I was able to go online and use NEO (the other laptop) in our room. She got up at almost 4:00pm as we went down and I had my late lunch and my late bath as I went out again to go online and let my wife babysit our baby. When I got back, Migmig and I went to Llanas to buy something before enjoying the rest of the night.

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