Tuesday, September 18

Ilocandia Treats at Comida Ilocandia and Spaoay

After attending the Ultimate Taste Test event at Rockwell, I took a cab going to Timog to attend another blogger's event featuring Comida Ilocandia and Spaoay. By the time I got there, I was already soaking wet since the weather is so uncooperative.

When I got there, I was warmly welcomed by one of the organizers as they take me to my seat. As I'm setting-up my camera, Mr Danny Dela Cuesta, introduced himself and explained to us how Comida Ilocandia was conceptualized. He even let us try some of his secret concoction that reminded me of a condiment I am craving for.

Comida Ilocandia offers affordable meals. From rice meals to their bento meals to their refreshments, their slow-cooked specialty will never ever hurt your budget. Even a five-hundred peso budget would be good for 3-4 people who wants nothing but the best Ilocano cuisine. For me, I simply had Vigan longganisa paired with hot steaming rice. It was really a nice fulfilling meal for me as I tried to keep it light (I'm still full from the previous event I've attended.)

After dinner, we were treated to a soothing massage at Spaoay owned and operated by who else but Chef Danny Dela Cuesta. Honestly, I've never had a complete massage before and I'm pretty apprehensive as my right foot was pretty sore which prevents me from walking straight.

As the rooms were pretty much full as my fellow bloggers were already inside having their massage. Me and my fellow blogger had our foot spa/foot massage first but I specified to my attendant to be careful with my right foot. Well he tried to assure me that he'll take good care of my right foot.

My first apprehension on having massage is it tickles me whenever someone touches my skin. But I was completely wrong. My attendant was able to make me feel a bit better and lighter. As I lay my body down (on my stomach), I feel much vigorous as he was able to release all pain points and he almost put me to sleep as I've proven that massages are really effective in making one sleep better.

At the end of the massage session, It was off to another event as my body was completely rejuvenated with the wonders from the north. From my sense of taste to my sense of touch, I feel much better now.

I'm looking forward to comeback for another round of massage plus some gastronomically feast from the north. Thanks Comida Ilocandia and Spaoay for bringing them here to Manila. ^_^

Note: Pictures here are borrowed from Ms Yani with her permission. Once I get my laptop back from repairs, I'll post mine. ^_^

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