Thursday, October 11

Reasons Why Women Cheat

While there are a few men (excluding me =P) who take this as a thrill in their lives, they may not know that it can hit them hard as women can also cheat just like us men. 

As I read this from yahoo, I do believe that most are true as I am also a victim of cheating women in the past. Whenever we feel cheated, our egos get really bruised, battered and there are times that we think how women enjoy the company of other men while in a relationship. 

The question is why women cheat? 

1. She seeks the thrill. Some women cheat for the thrill of it. The excitement of doing things behind a partner’s back, the risk, the adrenaline rush, the desire are all very potent reasons for a woman to cheat. The cheating bit isn’t always emotional, it is in fact an out and out physical act that is engaged in for the thrill of it. The problem with this one is if she gets addicted to the thrill, expect your girl to break-up with you sometime soon. 

2. She wants more. The most obvious reason for a woman to cheat is that she isn't getting enough sex or that she isn't happy with what you have to offer. It is this happiness that results in her getting involved in an adulterous relationship. It is left to the man in the relationship to pull his socks up and fight for his woman. If you love her and want her, you have to go the extra mile and satisfy her. Uhm, so guys, give your girl what she wants, period XD. 

3. She wants to get back at you. If you have cheated on her in the past, she could cheat on you just to get back at you. Yes, women can be rather revengeful if they so wish! This would be the most basic reason why women cheat. They want men to feel how they have been cheated. 

4. She is bored. Less or no experimentation in the bedroom can be one of the reasons a woman chooses to cheat. Women seek as much variation in the bedroom as men do and if her man cannot provide her the same, she is bound to look for it outside. With the technology today, I guess we got to keep up with the ladies' pace so she don't have to look for others to play with. XD

Well, if you want your women to stay loyal to you, you should do the same and make her feel special every single day. XD

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