Tuesday, October 16

The week that was (October 7 - 13)

Sunday: All of us got up at 6:00am as Migmig was already wide awake. We had breakfast first before I went out to buy Sunday's paper and other things Migmig needs. When I got back, I went online for a couple of minutes while taking care of my daughter. We practically spent the entire morning before putting Migmig to sleep at 11:00am. Then I got online again before having lunch. By past 2:00pm, we packed our bags and head home to Sampaloc. I'm sure my daughter will will all of the live animals she saw at home. We stopped by SM Manila to pass time by. All of a sudden, my daughter wanted to buy this stuff toy so I bought her one since its not that expensive. We took a cab going home and got home in no time. I got to go online again and spent the rest of the night again before going to bed.

Monday: Got up early so I could go online. Then I took my daughter our for a walk before having breakfast somewhere. By lunch time, I left for SM Megamall to take our Neo laptop with me and have it repaired. Since I went out hungry, I decided to have lunch at Yabu and try out their katsu curry. It was good as the level of spiciness was pretty hot enough. Then I went straight to Neo Service Center located in Cyberzone to have my laptop check. I was informed to take my unit at their Shaw branch besides Babyland. I went straight to their branch to have my laptop checked. I made specific instructions to take the hard drive out since its not defective as well as upgrade RAM to 4GB. Then I took the next FX home and went online for a few hours. I was able to put Migmig to sleep before dozing-off.

Tuesday: I turn on the aircon as it was pretty humid by the time we went to bed. Fortunately, rain started to pour which made the night much cooler. I turn off the aircon and the laptop at past 2:00am and went to bed. I just hope I could get up early the next day. I was able to get up at 7:30am and went online for a few minutes before taking Migmig down. We had breakfast at Mc Donald's before we went back home to enjoy the rest of the morning. By the time she fell asleep, I went to Gateway to buy some magazines and some baby wipes my daughter needs. I had lunch at Taco Bell for the 2nd time this month. I spent some more time at Starbucks reading the magazines I've bought especially UNO. I was kinda disappointed with its contents as I was expecting more. When I got home, I went online outside for a few more hours before taking care of my baby and spend the rest of the night.

Wednesday: Got up at almost 7:30am and went online really quick before my daughter got up. We had breakfast at Jollibee as she enjoys the sight of buses going to and from their destination. The morning hasn't changed much as I got online after she slept. When she got up, I decided to take my daughter out again as I feel she get bored if we just stay home in the afternoon. We took an LRT ride to Santolan and tried SM Marikina. When we got to the last stop. I looked on our path going there and I couldn't believe that it was pretty long. I walked non-stop for almost 15 minutes going there. The humid weather and carrying my baby was pretty challenging but when we got inside, it was pretty rewarding as I got to feel the cool breeze of the mall. SM Marikina is not as big as I was expecting to but so far, but its just one ride away from home. We had milk tea at Chatime before having my late lunch at Inasal Chicken Bacolod. We took a cab going to LRT Katipunan before taking a train ride home. I let her aunt take care of her while I got online to finish some stuff.

Thursday: Got up as early as 6:00am to go online and complete my com-ex task on some blogs before waking my daughter up at almost 8:30am. I just bought some native snacks for my daughter to enjoy as we spend the rest of the mornings home. Then I bought some groceries to Llanas before putting my daughter to sleep after her bath. I was able to go online for 2 hours before she got up again and played with her daddy. I had my lunch and took a bath before going online outside for me to catch-up with some of my several blogposts. I got back at past 7:00pm and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Friday: Got up early again for me to be able to go online and do some catching-up. I was able to take my daughter out for a walk before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. I let her use a spoon and fork and her hand-eye coordination has greatly improved. She can eat her food on her own yet I make sure she eats more by assisting her. By the time I was able to put her to sleep, I got online for an hour before leaving for SM Megamall. I was thinking if I would attend a Barter Tour by Mr Carlos Celdran or not but I decided to go next time. By the time I got to SM Megamall, I went straight to Yabu again to have lunch and take some pictures of my food. Then I pass some more time before going to Makati to attend the soft opening of Bo's Coffee along Jupiter Street (I'll write a blogpost for this). After the event, it took me around 2 hours to get home no thanks to Friday traffic. I was able to go online for a couple of minutes before getting some sleep at past midnight. I hope I would get enough energy for the next day's event.

Saturday: Got up at 6:00am to get ready for Scott Kelby's 5th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk (I'll write a blog post about it). I wasn't able to enjoy taking a bath since there is water shortage in our neighborhood. Even I have to went somewhere else to dump some XD. I had breakfast at Intramuros on the good old stall #9 before getting a cab to The Manila Hotel. After our last stop at Paco Park, we parted ways as I went to The Old Swiss Inn to confirm my reservation. Unfortunately, the Paco Branch is closed during Sunday so they made a call at their Makati Branch for my reservation. Good thing their Makati Branch is open 24/7 so I got a breather from there. I took another ride to Robinson's Place Manila to grab an ice cold mocha before taking a cab home. I was supposed to get some sleep but my wife wanted to go out and check on the latest i-pod touch so we took an LRT ride to Cubao in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the one that my wife is looking for is not available here in the country. Then we had dinner at Pancake House before my wife bought some stuff and took the LRT home. It was really a tiring day for me as I look forward to another week ahead. XD

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