Sunday, November 13

The week that was (November 6 - 12)

Sunday: Got up at around 9:00am as I still feel tired from the previous night. I was able to buy Sunday's paper but only to read one. I left home at around 12:30pm and got to the office an hour later. Work was very slow from there and I was able to go out and look for some current issues of my magazine collection. Unfortunately, I found none and instead, I had coffee before going back to the office XD. Also, I tried Eat My GF (Garlic Fries) and they taste really good and at the same time, tried a new milk tea from I forgot the vendor's name XD.Work was really slow as I just played pool online as well as read some of the Sunday's paper before calling it a night.

Monday: Got up at almost 9:00am as Migmig was already playing. Her mom was already up before me. I took Migmig out for a few minutes before going back home to accidentally watch Ms World 2011. Good thing Ms Philippines bagged the First Runner-Up (Only next to Ms Venezuela). After watching, I left for office but as I ride the LRT2, I took the route to Cubao instead of my usual Recto destination. I passed by Fully Booked in Gateway and bought the latest issue of Esquire Philippines (With Iza Calsado as the covergirl). I didn't rush my way to the office as I just take my sweet time. I was again looking for the other magazines for my collection but still they're not yet available. I stopped by Starbucks in Greenbelt 3 to grab a Christmas Drink. Luckily, I won a free tall drink of my choice provided that I answered their survey found at their website. I got in the office late but it didn't matter to me anyway. Though were still on a holiday, other regions are not which means emails and calls start to pour in. I got to respond to some requests while online with other things. By 7:00pm, I went to CBTL in Ayala Triangle Garden to have a drink and at the same time, check their 2012 Journal. Just like starbucks' , their journal downsized in terms of dimensions (for me, I'd still prefer big ones). After my shift, I went straight home but not without stopping by Chowking in Shaw Blvd to have my late dinner there before reaching home at almost 1:00am

Tuesday: Got up at 8:00am and started editing some pictures from the PFW 2011. While editing some pictures, I got my hands on Migmig which I have to take care of her so that her mom could do other things. I uploaded them before leaving home at almost 1:00pm. There was no traffic so I got in the office a few minutes late (I had to pass by Starbucks to buy my drink XD). Work was quite steady as I got some emails and a single call. By dinner time, I got to enjoy the rest of my shift. At past 9:30pm, I went to CBTL in ATG to grab a drink and have my card stamped. After shift, I got tempted to have another drink at Starbucks (I had 3 expensive drinks for the day XD). before reaching home. I went online until 2:00am before going to sleep.

Wednesday: Got up at past 8:00am as I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. Then we went back as I went online for atleast 3 hours uploading photos while taking care of Migmig before reporting for work. Despite leaving home at almost 1:00pm, I got in the office ahead of time. I got to do some emails and 1 call during my shift. By 10:00pm, I stopped by sta Starbucks again to grab my 2nd drink and hoping to stay long there but there were too many people so I just read some papers before going back to the office. I left at past midnight as I assisted my junior colleague in resolving an issue from Latin America. When I got home, I went online until 2:00am but I didn't slept right away as my wife and I had a quiet chat for a couple of minutes.

Thursday: Got up at 7:45am with a headache as my wife woke me up to take Migmig out. I got to take her out after my morning ritual and got back at around 8:30am. I was supposed to edit some photos but no thanks to headache, I have to re-schedule this by next week probably. I had to do some grocery for my wife as well as buy some viands as there was no cooked one at home. After having lunch, I left right away only to get late by 9 minutes (since I passed by Starbucks for my drinks XD). Work was pretty much ok as I got to answer some emails and called one of the users in Singapore. Work was quite steady as I got to work on some emails as well. After my shift, I passed by Starbucks in crossing and spent some quiet time there thinking and planning for the year ahead before finally reaching home. My wife was still awake when I got home though Migmig was asleep early for the past couple of nights.

Friday: Got up at around 7:00am as my mom paid us a visit. She was so happy to see our baby crawling and kicking actively. She got to carry her as well but she said that our baby got a little bit heavy. Then me and Migmig went to wifey's mom for her morning sun before we went back home. I was about to leave early to attend the BMSD Photowalk/Silent Rally (I'll write a blog about this) when my baby got awake again and I had to take care of her until my wife got up and able to prepare food for her. After the photowalk, I went to SM Manila to have my lunch there and I also got some magazines to add to my collection. But I wasn't able to buy diapers for Migmig there so I went home at 1:30pm. When I got home, I took some time and rested for a few minutes as my baby wanted to play with her old man. Then I went to SM Centerpoint to buy some diapers before heading to Starbucks to buy some food and coffee for my wife. As I got back home, I went online again for atleast two hours before going back home as my wife needs an assist in taking care of our daughter. I was supposed to get some sleep early that night until my wife wanted to spend some time talking and probably, I slept at past 12:00am.

Saturday: Got up at 5:00am even if I set the alarm at 4:30am. I felt the need of more sleep hence, I added 30 minutes more XD. Once I'm up, I got myself ready to attend the Canon Photomarathon 2011 (I'll write a blog about this). It was really a tiring day that I had to eat 3 small meals that night before going to bed without going online.

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