Wednesday, November 30

The week that was (November 20 - 26)

Sunday: Got up a bit late pat past 9:30am as my wife and baby got up ahead of me. It took me a few more minutes to get up and do some little errands before going to work. I took a different route going to work and I got there just in time. My work PC is still under repair so I have to use the other one. At this point, I have some important files saved on the other PC but I made sure its saved under my network folder for easier access. Then I went out to buy myself some dinner that took me an hour as I ended up buying pork sisig from Sisig Hooray. Work was pretty much slow as I got to read Sunday's paper and play some pool online before going home at past 11:00pm. When I got home, I was suppose to go online for an hour but I felt so sleepy and I feel like I'm drained doing almost nothing. XD

Monday: Got up at 7:30am as I took Migmig out again but we didn't spend much time outside as she got sleepy after a few minutes. When we got back, I got to watch WWE's Survivor Series while doing other things. Thank God my baby slept for around an hour and a half giving me enough time to enjoy the rest of the morning. When she got up, I got to hold her more before getting myself ready for work. I left at almost 1:00pm knowing that I'll be late for work. I'm only a few minutes late but I forgot to log-in when I got there XD. Work was pretty much ok as emails and calls just came a few at a time. After my shift, I went home right away to be with my family.

Tuesday: Got up at around 9:30am as the coolness of the morning kept us in bed. Migmig was awake as early as 6:00am but thank God my wife fed her which put her to sleep again. After watching TV, my wife did some household chores again and I got to take care of our baby while I am online for an hour. I left home at almost 1:00pm and I got only late by 1 minute. I got to use the PC by 3:00pm as my colleague was still using it. Then my colleague from the other department told me that my PC has already been fixed. I installed it and perhaps check on my files later. I bought dinner from Buffalo Wings N' Things which I haven't got in months. I kinda missed eating buffalo wings too XD.Since our team were complete for the day, work was pretty much lighter Before my shift ended, I fill-out a survey form from Starbucks which gives me a complementary tall drink of my choice. After logging-off, I went to Starbucks along Edsa-Shaw to claim my free drink. For an additional 30 pesos, I upsized my drink to Venti and spent some time there reading some newspaper. After enjoying my drink, I went straight home as my wife was still awake before I went online until 3:00am. 

Wednesday: Got up at almost 8:00am after my wife woke me up to take Migmig out. Sleeping at past 3:00am makes me still feel a little bit tired but nonetheless, I took my baby out to her grandmom for some fresh air. Then we went back as I got to do other things like doing some grocery before reporting for work. I took a different route going to work as I stopped by SM Makati to do some additional groceries for my wife and baby. And I got to the office a few minutes ahead of time and I got to do some work. After my shift, I went home right away and went online for a until 3:00am before finally going to sleep.

Thursday: Got up at almost 9:00am as my alarm didn't sound-off (empty battery). My wife insisted that I should take Migmig out which I did. We just walked around the neighborhood for a change. When we got back home, I took her back to her mom so she could have her morning nap and I could do other things. I left home at past 12:30pm as I had my lunch outside. I took the LRT2-MRT route as my stomach feels a little bit queasy XD.   Work was pretty much abundant as my boss told me to work on some tickets. Though I haven't been working at 100% concentration, I got to finish some tickets before 5:00pm. Then I went out to buys some buffalo wings to pair it up with my bowlful of rice. I ordered one of the hottest wings that made me sweat XD. I was suppose to call one of the user's from Spain but it appears to be that the scheduled time was delayed by an hour as we didn't notice it beforehand. Anyway, we had to reschedule it and let my other colleagues handle it. After shift, I went home right away, thinking I would be able to get some sleep only to go online until 3:00am again XD. 

Friday: Got up at 7:00am though I got to sleep at past 3:00am as me and Migmig went to her lola at the store. After almost an hour, we went back and I had myself ready for two events. Though my wife was quite persistent in not letting me go somewhere though I told her of my plans a few days before. By 10:00am, I was off to SM Mall of Asia to attend Manila Auto Salon 2011 and BUM Fashion Show (I'll create a separate blogs for the two). While I'm at MAS, I felt hungry by 1:30pm so I had my filling lunch at s Mongolian all-you-can resto and spend some time there before I went back to shooting. Thank God I didn't ran out of batteries and I have some room to spare for my memory card. It took me a while before getting home and I thought Migmig was fast asleep. She got up once she saw me walking the room and crawled towards me. I felt like she's telling me that mommy spanked her for not sleeping on time XD. Well, she slept on time and I followed a few hours later.

Saturday: I got up at around 8:00am as I was able to get a good sleep last night. I took care of Migmig in the morning as I was waiting for 4:00pm to attend the FHM Autograph Signing. While I was putting Migmig to sleep in the afternoon, I fell asleep as well for an hour probably. When I got up, there was something wrong. I felt like I twisted my left foot and I could barely walk. Thinking its only sprain, I tried walking it off and ate at Chowking for a late lunch. I decided to skip the signing as I felt uncomfortable walking. That night the pain was getting worse and worse that really gave me a hard time walking as well as sleeping.

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