Sunday, November 13

The Canon Photomarathon 2011

Yesterday was really tiring as I was up for almost 20 hours as Canon held its annual photomarathon at PTTC. This would be the second time I'll join this prestigious event as joining itself is considered a marathon of sorts XD.

I got up at around 5:00am though I have set my alarm at around 4:30am as I know more than a thousand photographers would flock to PTTC to join this monumental event. When I got there at almost 6:00am, I was stunned that there were people already wearing their red Canon T-Shirts this early in the morning. 

I went to the registration area to register but they don't have an XXL-sized shirt yet so I had to wait and took some pictures of that is going on there. I saw some of my photographer friends there who were taking snapshots of the event as well. Some of my friends came one by one as I was having breakfast not just to start my day but to energize me as I know it would be a tiring day for me.

Though I saw a different registration booth for the bloggers and media alike, I registered at the event as a photographer and nothing else =P. By 7:30am, I got my Canon Kit which comprises of a cap, meal ticket, some brochures and my XXL shirt for the contest.

When the event was about to start, there were several welcoming remarks lead by President and CEO of Canon Marketing Philippines Alan Chang. Then before they gave out the first theme for us to think and shoot, we joined one of the biggest group hug which I estimated that we were probably more or less two thousand enthusiastic photographers.

Then they gave out the first of the two themes for the day. The first theme was "In the concrete jungle of our nation, Find the beauty of your imagination, Use your creative passion, To showcase this beautiful creation". Good thing one of my friends brought his ride so we could go as far as we can go without the others following us.

We went to Intramuros for take pictures for our first theme. I was thinking of taking pictures of cities filled with people. After taking a few pictures, we went to "Bulungan" which was somewhere within ParaƱaque and Cavite. It was a fish port where there were a lot of interesting subjects though I find it disheartening that the place was filled with dumped garbage everywhere. Before 12:00pm, we got back to PTTC to upload our pictures and had lunch.

Compared to last year (which was catered), it was Mang Inasal who took care of our lunch. I got to see some of my other photographer friends as well as meeting new ones. There were programs where Canon Celebrety Ambassadors Piolo Pascual and Kim Atienza shared their time with us.

By 2:00pm, they gave out the second theme which was "In this city of wonderful people, Different lifestyles we venture, A mirror of our colorful culture truly preserved for our future". I already have a clue where to shoot but my friends have other ideas.

We got back to "Bulungan" and there was a weekly outreach program where in students from St Andrew gave some time to teach the kids from the area. Seeing a lot of smile from the kid's faces, I know I have a lot of subjects to capture from there. I got to take pictures of those working there as well as to diversify my photography skills.

After a few minutes of shooting, we went to SMX to take pictures at Philconstruct 2011. We didn't include it in our list as we just went there to have some fun and enjoy for a couple of minutes.

We got back almost dead-tired as I submitted my second and final entry for the day. I think we were almost the last ones to arrive as the event area. We tried to take pictures of ourselves posing as ambassadors of Canon while waiting for dinner. When dinner was served, I felt that our dinner was kinda downsized from last year.

But we can't complain as the event was free of charge and the number of participants increased dramatically. We didn't received a gift from Canon this year as they have just raffled-off 300 T-Shirts saying "I have Survived the Canon Photomarathon 2011" as well as other prizes which unfortunately, I didn't win any XD.

When the winners were announced, I won't get surprised as the winner's images really tells a story, .

Congratulations to the winners and I look forward to attend again next year. XD

I hope to get a Canon 7D someday. XD

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