Monday, November 21

Celebrating World Television Day

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Today marks the 15th World Television Day as being declared by the United Nations (UN) since 1996. To be honest, I find it ridiculous as to why we have to celebrate this every year as we always get glued to the television for most of the time that we are home. But after reading the news from Manila Bulletin, I came to realize that television is not just a tool for entertainment but to inform and educate as well (Yeah I know =P). 

In today's society, television plays a major role in presenting various issues that affect people. In our day to day lives, we are very much dependent on television to get the latest news around the country and around the globe. As these advancements from technology arrives upon us, we have to make sure to utilize them responsibly and inform our today's youth the importance of responsible TV viewing. 

To know more about the World Television Day, you may check their facebook account.

Happy Viewing! XD

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