Friday, May 10

Marien 365: Week 28 (Day 190 - 196)

Day 190: We were at The Medical City not for her check-up but to have her ears pierced.

Day 190

 Day 191: Migmig liking her new earrings. :D

Day 191

Day 192: Being carried by her mom, at time, I think she wants to walk already.

Day 192

Day 193: She got up again after her morning nap.

Day 193

Day 194: Enjoying the outdoors with her mom.

Day 194

Day 194: One of her outdoor portraits I'm trying to perfect.

Day 194

Day 195: Getting ready to go down again.

Day 195

Day 196: Enjoying little space that she has on our living room.

Day 196

Enjoy week 29 in the next couple of days. XD

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