Thursday, May 30

Marien 365: Week 32 (Day 218 - 224)

Day 218: Looks up to mommy.

Day 218

Day 218: A happy baby is a happy mommy and daddy.

Day 219: Just finished her milk.

Day 219

Day 220: Enjoying the afternoon on our bed.

Day 220

Day 221: She doesn't want to do her afternoon nap. XD

Day 221

Day 222: Just got up from her afternoon nap and wanted to play right away.

Day 222

Day 222: She started to pose for the camera XD

Day 222

Day 223: Marien: "Daddy, look oh, I'm wearing mommy's headband" XD

Day 223

Day 224: After finishing her milk, she plays right away.

Day 224

Okay, I need a few days break before the next batch. XD        

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