Wednesday, May 15

Marien 365: Week 29 (Day 197 - 203)

Day 197: Feeding time. Migmig usually plays with her bottle as a steering wheel XD.

Day 197

Day 198: I have this image printed during the Canon Photomarathon 2011 a few weeks back.

Day 198

Day 198: And then day she found light.

Day 198

Day 198: I really like emphasizing the shape of her head XD.

Day 198

Day 199: She's wondering what her mom says.

Day 199

Day 200: Enjoying the outdoors again. I couldn't also believe that I have been shooting her (our baby) for 200 days. Actually, I'm almost at Day 270 (as of presstime) of taking her pictures, making me closer to complete my Project 365.

Day 200

Day 201: Still sleeping soundly even at almost 11:00am.

Day 201

Day 202: Her mom took this photo while I am at work.

Day 202

Day 203: Looking on.

Day 203

Were past halfway through Marien 365. Again, thanks to all who visited and viewed. But it doesn't end here. Wait till Week 30. XD        

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