Saturday, May 25

Marien 365: Week 31 (Day 211 - 217)

Day 211: Look at her hair.

Day 211

Day 212: Looks like she fixing herself getting ready to go somewhere.

Day 212

Day 212: Time to go to the doctor for her monthly check-up.

Day 212

Day 213: Steady.... "Click"

Day 213

Day 213: Her 7th month cake. How time flies so fast.

Day 213

Day 214: She doesn't want to have her picture taken for the day.

Day 214

Day 215: Both were not looking at the camera. =P

Day 215

Day 216: The senyorita look.

Day 216

Day 216: The senyorita look again!

Day 216

Day 217: She want's to go out already. XD

Day 217

Stay tuned for week 32. XD          

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