Thursday, October 17

Oktoberfest: Your Covergirls this October

October is always synonymous with beer (Oktoberfest). But its also a good time to add up your collection (Men's Magazines). What to pick? Here are the options: 

1. FHM Philippines (Valerie "Bangs" Garcia): Bangs or should I say Valerie "Bangs" is now version 3.0 as they say she has already blossomed into a very fine sexy woman. Aside from that, she has a few talents to boost as I got to browse through my copy a few days back. 

FHM Philippines October 2013

2. Esquire (US President Barrack Obama): I don't know if Esquire is running out of babes to cover or what... Seriously, it would be much better if they have interviewed the US President than just getting a transcript. Oh Well...

Esquire Philippines October 2013

3. Rogue (Angel Jacob): I never imagined she would grace Rogue's cover this year (I was hoping she'd be on Rogue last year) but Thank God they did. ^_^

Rogue October 2013

4. UNO (Karen Bordador and Kit Barraquias): When was the last time Kit Barraquias posed on a men's magazine? Time can only tell plus I haven't seen Karen Bordador covering in any men's magazine either. So would you pick Kit or Karen? XD

UNO October 2013

UNO October 2013

5. Playboy Philippines (Jobie Quinn): After PMOY Billy and Sky, its now Jobie's turn to grace the cover of Playboy. I haven't bought a copy but I'm sure its pretty interesting. As usual, you can pick any of the two covers again. XD

Playboy Philippines October 2013

Playboy Philippines October 2013

Till November then... XD

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