Thursday, October 3

Swabeng News: Another photograbber by the name of Mark

No that's me =P

Its really embarrassing that there is another photograbber circulating through social media wherein this time, he grabs photographs from a famous Filipino Photographer. He doesn't just steal the photos, he changes the watermark as well and treats it like its his own photo.

Taken from facebook

He even got the nerve to post his Tesda Certification and brags that he is connected with the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF). If its true, does he really have to brag this? I even doubt the authenticity of his certificate. And if its real, then it should be revoked!

Taken from Facebook

Again, just like what happened on the last photo-grabbing incident, a lot of netizens (mostly photographers) were very irate and disgusted on this man's actions. Even the owner of the photograph was amused and puzzled as to what are the real objectives of this culprit. 

Honestly, its kinda embarrassing that we have the same name. But I'd rather take a thousand shots of my own to get the perfect shot rather than steal someone's work and credit it for himself. 

Would he apologize about this incident? He should be...

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