Monday, September 23

Swabeng News: One of the Worst in Photography History

Imagine someone apologizes for stealing photos for an online contest and blames his youth and inexperience for it???

While browsing through my Facebook wall, I saw several netizens giving out harsh comments to this fellow. Upon reading the news from Rappler, I was shocked to witness this kind of action. Imagine stealing someones work and making it your own, then reaping the fruits that should have been given to its rightful owner. I never imagined stealing pictures to this level. Its really humiliating and a disgrace to the entire community with the actions he did.

If this had happen only once, he may have gotten away with it with a public apology. But he has done it since 2011 and got away with most of it, I don't think he can live at peace for the rest of his days especially netizens already knew what he is capable of. All photographers (including me) didn't like his actions (and never will).

If you look at the latest picture that he stole, it depicts a boy from Zamboanga with seaweeds on his head. But taking a closer look, he doesn't look like a local from Zamboanga but he's a native Brazilian. 

Does he look like a Zamboangueno to you?

While I feel very mad to this thief ("Kapangalan ko pa naman XC ), I'm sure his actions will haunt him for as along as he lives. He may have apologized to the organizers and most importantly to the rightful owner of the photograph, the memory, the embarrassment and the humiliation he brought not only to the UP community but to the entire Filipino Photographer Community who strives to capture the emotion with their own vision. 

I'd rather lose every competition I join rather than get the top prize using an image that is not a product of my creativity, dedication and hard work. 

I won't post his picture here, rather, you could search it on Google while its hot. XD

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