Monday, September 2

Marien 365: Week 51 (Day 351 - 357)

Day 351: She posed.

Day 351

Day 351: She's laughing but I don't know what it is.

Day 351

Day 351: Lunch time in her uncle's room.

Day 351

Day 352: She just got up after her morning nap

Day 352

Day 352: Playing with tita's gadget

Day 352

Day 352: Playtime with tita.

Day 352

Day 353: Her aunt guide her walking

Day 353

Day 353: My baby knew I was holding the camera so she smiled.

Day 353

Day 353: Spending time with her uncle. 

Day 353

Day 354: She set's her footprints in the sand and its her first time hitting the beach.

Day 354

Day 355: While taking a bath in the province. The water is cold yet she was able to handle it.

Day 355

Day 356: Tinkering with my lens' cap. XD

Day 356

Day 357: Playtime again. XD

Day 357

The finale for my Marien 365 is finally next. XD

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