Saturday, September 7

Marien 365: Week 52 (Day 358 - 364)

Day 358: I tried another perspective. Needs more practice though. XD

Day 358

Day 359: I'll try to look for my old picture with a facial expression like that. XD

Day 359

Day 360: No headband

Day 360

Day 360: With headband

Day 360

Day 361: Before we went out to have dinner somewhere. This would be probably the closest look she has as a girl. XD

Day 361

Day 362: She just posed like that. XD

Day 362

Day 363: I present you my Day 1. XD

Day 363

Day 364: One more day...

Day 364

Wait, where is Day 365? Is it really the end of Marien 365? 

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