Friday, September 6

Sweet September Covers

Well, the -ber months are here again. And before we know it, were counting down the days before Christmas once more XD.

Do you have any idea to give to yourself this season? Why not start with these.

1. FHM Philippines (Rufa Mae Quinto/Luis Manzano): FHM declares September a back-to-back issue with Sexy Comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto and Actor Luis Manzano. While this would be Luis' first time, for Rufa Mae, this would be her 4th (the most among all covergirls) appearance on the magazine. What to expect? We'll find out

2. Esquire Philippines (Jessy Mendiola): I've been waiting for Jessy to appear in a men's magazine for a long time now. She looked really sexy at her other cover. How would she looked inside the pages?

3. Rogue (Charlene Gonzales, Judy Ann Santos, Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera): Covergirls Overloaded? With an all-star cast, I'm sure every fan would grab a copy.

4. Playboy Philippines (Gwen Garci, Gloc-9 and Yael Yuzon): This issue is indeed a Music Guide. With Rock the Rabbit around the corner, I'm sure music lovers would love to see this. You could also choose which cover to buy with Playboy's 2-cover scheme. XD

5. Red (Red Dela Cruz): Its Vixen Red Dela Cruz's turn for Red Magazine's spotlight. I have almost no idea who she is but looking on the cover of this mag, I'm gonna buy it. XD

I'm still waiting for UNO's release as of writing. And with my paycheck up next week, I'll make sure to buy these for my collection. XD

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