Tuesday, April 5

The week that was (March 27 - April 2)

Sunday: I got up at 2:30am to adjust my schedule for tonight's work. I went online for a couple of hours in the morning to update myself as well as do some laundry of my own. I got to finish early and I was able to read Sunday's paper without hurrying myself. My wife and got to hear Sunday's mass before having lunch and going to bed (for me). I got up at 7:45pm and made sure I'm ready for work. I got to the office quite early which was a good thing. When I was setting up my PC when my browser was already set to Mozilla Firefox Version 4 without even notifying me. I tried to familiarize myself with it and works quite ok.

Monday: Work was quite ok as I got 2 calls that only took me less than 5 minutes each to have it resolved. An outage in one of the US sites was detected so I had to declare it as well. I got to edit some of my entries in my blog as well as blog hop too. I left the office early to look for a place to eat since I got hungry after my shift. I was able to have a feast while having breakfast at Jolijeep but it cost me all the small bills I had for my fare back home. I had no choice but to spend some more on dessert XD. I got home at almost 9:00am as my wife was still sleeping. I went downstairs again to go online to upload some old pictures to my blog. Then after taking my wife to her ride, I was able to go online for a few more minutes to upload more pictures before going to sleep at around 1:00pm. I got up a few hours later and I was able to prepare myself for work and got there on time. My colleague arrived early as well to back me up.

Tuesday: We got a handful of calls while the other team was on lunch but we were able to handle our own here.I don't know but I'm not myself during my shift since I haven't been doing helpdesk work for the next few hours.Well probably, I was looking forward to working mid-shifts and I hope I could learn more from it. At 5:00am, the phones were already sent to us as we got more calls after US hours. Probably we got 4 calls each aside from those emails and requests by our clients in the US. I made sure I got home early to continue uploading some more pictures and do some blog-hopping before going to bed. I got an email from Peanut Butter Co. that I've won two complimentary tickets to the Best Food Forward event on Saturday at the NBC Tent. For whatever reason, I was having a hard time falling asleep. Probably it could be the excitement I felt since I'll me moving to a new work schedule as well as its was my first year at work since I step foot on the company where I am right now XD.

Wednesday: Work was quite abundant for the four of us here while the other team is on lunch. I got to take care of some emails and called users back for verification and further troubleshooting. After their lunch, we were able to enjoy the rest of our shift before transferring the phones to us by 5:00am. After our shift, my colleagues have already left while I stayed until 8:00am since I had to claim the tickets I've won from The Peanut Butter and Company's facebook fan page at Paseo Center in Makati. But it won't be open until 10:00am so I decided to have breakfast at jollijeep twice before having a caramel frapuccino at Starbucks. I stalled for time for as long as I can by reading the latest newspapers as well as some magazines from their rack. At 10:00am, I was already at Paseo Center waiting for Peanut Butter Co. to open but they didn't open. I asked one of their staff and she told me they haven't officially opened yet. But they gave me the ticket that I came for plus I got a gift certificate from them worth 100 pesos. I went home right away and got home at 12:00pm. I had to relax first before going to bed at 1:30pm. I got up at 8:00pm since I went to bed as late as 1:30pm. I checked on the ATM if we already have our respective salaries but still I haven't got mine. I was thinking if I'll be reporting to work or not since I have no money with me. Rather than getting deducted with a day's worth of my salary, I left home at almost 10:00pm and got there an hour later. I reported to work a bit disappointed as all of us there didn't have money in our pockets. But at least we were all there to celebrate my last night at work.

Thursday: It was a quiet lunch time for us since we haven't got any calls that requires us to troubleshoot. And since it is my last night shift, we decided to have some fun. I got a bottle of the bar and have ourselves entirely tipsy but I told them not to enjoy to much. Work was so light and we got the next few hours to ourselves. It was just emails and requests that we had to take care of. At 5:00am, we were all feeling red with The Bar but we were still in our senses until we went home. I got home an hour later and lay down in bed as my wife was half awake asking why I got home early. I joked her that I got drunk during our shift and I need to get my sleep. I got up when my wife was about to report for work at around 11:00am. I wanted to get more sleep but my spirit doesn't allow me so I went downstairs to go online supposedly but my wife brought our Sun Broadband so I just edited some old pictures which was a good thing for me. Though it took me probably more than 3 hours to edit at least 40 pictures, that was a good start for me also as I got to create 2 new action from my photoshop CS4. At around 5:00pm, I left home to go to Makati to attend a bloggers event for the premiere screening of Camelot on AXN. I got to Makati at around 6:30pm but my right knee is not cooperating on me. I got to Greenbelt 3 at around 6:45pm hungry so I had my dinner at Fish and Co. After the bloggers event, I went home right away since I was feel very sleepy as of the moment. When I got home, I went straight to bed right away and hit dreamland XD

Friday: Got up at around 5:00am hoping I could get some more sleep but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get some more sleep. I just went online since I was offline for almost 24 hours (23 hours to be exact). I got quite hooked, I haven't updated some of my entries here in my blog. Then I tried doing some laundry but my wife was the one who do it since I had to go online XD. At 11:30am, both of us were off to our respective offices. I took my wife to the LRT station, I took a bus going to work. Even if traffic was horrible, I got late by only 9 minutes but when I was about to enter the building, One of the security guards asked me to wear my ID. I was like..."what?!?" and I told him I'll be buying an ID case and strap. After logging in, I went to Landmark to get those as well as have my lunch there. I bought 2 new magazines as well to add to my collection. When I got back to the office, I felt strange because it was quite a while when I see a lot of people in the office. I got to do some old stuff I used to do like monitoring servers and submitting day-end reports for APAC. After my shift, I had plans to take a cab to get home early but opportunity didn't allow me so I had to do it the hard way (via bus then jeep). I got home an hour late and hit the bed for my zzz's XD.

Saturday: I got up at almost 7:00am after getting a few hours of sleep (I slept at past 12:00am, got up at 2:00am, then at 5:00am, before finally kicking off from bed at 7:00am). I prepared myself early not for work but for the Best Food Forward food event that day. I went to the office first to inform my tam mates of my whereabouts for the next few hours before going to NBC Tent. Almost 5 hours later, I was back at the office to start working. Good thing there were NO calls from US clients as I was able to do some of my online stuff. At 10:15pm, I already called it a night and went straight home as I was really sleepy already.

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