Friday, April 1

AXN Review: Camelot

I shouldn't have had dinner last night before attending this event XD.
I got to Greenbelt 3 Cinema 3 at around 7:30pm as I got to meet some friends who happen to be fellow bloggers. My good friend Azrael is there so as Vincent. We got some light snacks courtesy of Bizu which got me even fuller. I shouldn't have my diner prior to this.

My plate (nth round XD)

Anyways, here's the entire synopsis on Camelot. I had summarized mine below.

Taken from Google

With King Uther's (Played by Sebastian Koch) sudden demise, chaos and lawlessness engulf Britain. As Merlin (Played by Joseph Finnes) has visions of uncertainty of Britain's future, he instills Arthur (Played by Jamie Campbell Bower), the king's heir from Queen Ingraine (played by Claire Forlani) raised by a commoner. But prior to the king's death, her daughter Morgan (played by Eva Green) went back to Castle Pendragon to seek forgiveness whom he exiled 15 years earlier. But with King Uther denied Morgan's repentance forcing her to shape-shift into a young girl that poisons her father eventually.

Taken from Google

The royal order comes as most of a surprise to Arthur, who has no knowledge that the Ectors are not his birth parents. Arthur is stunned, but with his brother Kay (Peter Mooney) at his side, he agrees to go with Merlin to Camelot, and ascend the throne. Along the way, Arthur and Kay are shocked at the level of violence and destruction that they encounter in the kingdom, which has descended into chaos following news of Uther’s death. The magnitude of Arthur’s sudden stature, and the number of individuals eager to destroy him - abruptly and viciously - become all too apparent.

We got to experience first hand the 50 million dollar production by seeing some medieval and breathtaking views at County Wicklow, Ireland, including on location at the stately Luggala Castle and the magnificent Powerscourt Estate as well as its breathtaking rolling hills overlooking the Irish Sea . It was indeed breathtaking as I recall the past King Arthur movies I've watched when I was young. And based on the pilot episode, you will look forward to more like I do XD.

TV premier will kick off tomorrow, April 4, and the ten-part series will be aired every Monday at 9:00 P.M. I hope there would be replays of the series as well.More pictures to follow really soon XD.

Special thanks for Penshoppe and L'OREAL for sponsoring the event. Plus more photos of the event.

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