Saturday, April 2

My First Best Food Forward Experience

Too bad, I had to report back to the office for my shift plus my stomach went full after a few bites. What a bummer XD. Anyway, I got up early for work for me to be able to settle first before going to the NBC Tent to attend the Best Food Forward event. It didn't took me that long to reach the place.

As I scouted the place, I noticed some of the food booth's that I've seen before during my first Mercato experience. I know I'll be burning money again for food but I know its all worth it XD.

First, I tried Pan de Bagnet by Claude Tayag's Bale Datung (costs 200 pesos) since I've seen a lot of reviews about this. The Pan de Bagnet has 3 thin slices of crispy bagnet with a salad mixture of greens to balance the sinful cholesterol of the pork tucked inside a ciabatta bun. I didn't notice the taste of pork (though its crunchy and moist) as it has been overpowered by the greens plus its vinaigrette that made mine on the sour side. What made me surprised was that it was overpriced at 200 pesos contrary to what I've seen in blogs that it costs 150 pesos. For me, it should have been priced at 100-125 pesos.

Next on my list was PBCo and their list of foods with peanut better on most of them. I have to thank them first for the free tickets to the event XD. I tried their Peanut Butter Company's Marshmallow Peanut Butter Sandwich (75 pesos for half) to compensate for the first food I tried a while ago. The sandwich was grilled and sinfully delicious. The marshmallow melts and sticks in your mouth as I savored it slowly. Though I find it a bit pricey, the sandwich was really delicious and I'm looking forward to visit their branch once my wife gave birth. They asked me to try some of their peanut butter products and I obliged.

Since I haven't had a drink for the two sandwiches I ate, I tried Tea LC (95 Pesos). I forgot the name but it tastes different. Its not too sweet but rather has a hint of mint or probably I tried something different that's why it felt that way.

While still doing some rounds, I got to notice Manang's Double Deep Fried Crispy Chicken (80 pesos with rice). At first I thought this was the Manag's from Intramuros that I've been raving for more than a decade but it turns out that its different. I was given a sample of its chicken skin and it was crunchy and tasty. I ordered a one-piece chicken but instead of rice, they gave me a macaroni salad since they don't have rice available. The chicken taste good but I should have waited for the rice since I didn't like their macaroni.

For dessert, I tried the Frozen Yogurt (100 pesos with 1 free topping though I forgot the name of the retailer). That was really big and plenty for a 100-peso yogurt as I took me a while to finish all of it.

Before going back to the office, I got to try some of the free desserts that were offered. I was sold with the Almond Cappuccino Bars by Dragonfly Desserts for only 195 pesos (half box).

Then, I almost forgot to try some of the dips offered as well I got myself some Lettuce Chips by Refresher's by Gourmets. At 60 pesos, I got myself a small bag of Lettuce Chips by I wasn't able to buy myself a dip for it. Aside from being crunchy, the chips are healthy as well which may serve as an alternative to potato chips we loved to eat XD.

Then, I tried Tin's Signature Valrhona Fudge Bars by Sugar Pie (Dessert's by Tinapay). I got a gift bag of four for only 120 pesos and I hope my wife loves it when I go home tonight. 

And finally, I got Strawberry Milk Tea from Teaology (85 pesos) to wrap-up my Best Food Forward experience. 

I hope I could attend next year's Best Food Forward in 2012. XD

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