Tuesday, April 12

The week that was (April 3 - 9)

Sunday: Got up early at around 7:00am. I went online for a few minutes before my wife wakes up and asks me to help fixing our room. By fixing, she means that I had to renovate our bedroom to make it more spacious. It took us more than 6 hours to have it cleaned and renovated. My wife and I kinda argued on what items to keep and what items to throw away. I told her to keep my papers since I needed them for reference (plus its sentimental to me of course XD). I also installed a portable cabinet that was bought by her mom for our baby's clothes and other stuff. Once were done sorting, I rested for a while not until my wife bugged me to go to the mall and get myself a new pair of shoes.I gave in to her request since she wanted to go out and go malling. We went to Robinson's Place Manila since there was an on-going sale there. When we got to Sanuk's store, they weren't on sale. Also, the model I wanted wasn't available anymore, I had to look for other choices. Then I also got a new shirt for myself as my wife was insistent on me getting a new one. As both of us got hungry, We had our dinner at Sakae Sushi as my suggestion. I told my wife that I usually frequent this place for my sushi cravings but I told her that she may not like it so I told her to have a bento instead of having the sushi buffet (I had sushi buffet). She liked how the sushi buffet goes but I can't share any to her for I would pay double. Probably on our next visit, I will have her try it. After a tiring day, we got home and I went to bed a few minutes later.

Monday: I got up at around 6:00am and got myself ready before visiting my mom at Harrison Plaza to get some stuff from her. I went back home right away to do some of my laundry before watching Wrestlemania 27 on Jack TV. It was a bit disappointing in the end game but good thing the match between "The Undertaker" and "Triple H" would be one for the books. After watching TV, we were able to got ourselves ready for my wife's check-up today at The Medical City. It took us at least an hour to get there. As soon as we got there, we were told by her secretary that she would be on the clinic at around 3:00pm since she was scheduled to be at the Ulrasound from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.Since it was only 2:00pm, we went to Starbucks downstairs to have coffee and read some of the latest news. It took us an hour to read almost everything that Starbucks has to offer as we went back to her doctor for her examination. The doctor told her that on her 38th week, she can give birth to our baby girl. That made me excited and nervous at the same time as both of us anticipate that day =). After her check-up we were suppose to go to SM Megamall until we decided to drop-off somewhere and try Buffalo's Wings and Things at Ortigas Home Depot. After getting full and a little bit tipsy, we went to SM Megamall to look for my wife's bag and sandals. I tried to look for some shoes to get in the near future. I was able to find 2 of my dream shoes and I've put them on my wishlist for the year. We got home at past 9:00pm and watched TV for a few more minutes before going to bed at past 11:00pm

Tuesday: I got up at around 6:00am and unfortunately, I wasn't able to get some more sleep so I decided to go downstairs and go online for at least 2 hours. Then I prepared myself for my first day at work for the mid-shift. I do expect heavy traffic going to the office but good thing I left home early which means I got to the office on time and I got a workstation to work on. Usually those working in the 1:00pm-10:00pm shift would scramble for available workstations as its mostly occupied by the morning shift team.I got a workstation for me to work on for the next few hours before moving on to the workstation I'm already set-up. At around 3:00pm, I had my take-out at jollijeep as my friends recommend me their famous sisig. The sisig was good but it has lots of pork fat in it. Meaning more cholesterol in my body. And if it wasn't enough, I had my dinner of rolled oats and 2 pieces of banana. Then after shift, I went home right away to be with my sleepy wife. I think I was able to fall asleep at almost midnight.

Wednesday: I got up at around 7:30am and almost awake entirely. I got to go online for a short time before getting myself ready for another event. I left home at 10:30am and got to Dusit Thani at a few minutes past 12:00pm. I was hungry at that time but thank God there were food for the bloggers as probably all of us felt hungry as well. We got to meet Blush up close and personal. After the event, I walk as fast as I can so I could be in the office quickly. By 3:09pm, I was able to log-in the office after attending Blush's press conference at Dusti Thani Hotel in Makati.Good thing there was a vacant spot where I was able to log-in and start working (work-related and others XD). Then for lunch (or dinner), I had two soups from The Soup Kitchen which I got a 20% discount. Then I was able to guide our new colleague with the ins and outs of our work as Global Helpdesk. I made sure that he doesn't get information overload since he is just new to the team. I stayed for a while at the office before going home. 

Thursday: By 8:30am, I decided to get up from our bed and try to stretch my muscles and my brain. I wasn't able to get online in the morning since I was enjoying watching TV. I left home knowing that I'll be late big time. I got in the office at around 1:20pm. Despite leaving for office at almost 12:00pm, I was able to arrive only a few minutes late. Since all computers in the office were already taken, I had no choice but to wait for until 4:00pm for the morning shift to vacate some of the PC's. Feeling hungry, I went to Ayala Triangle Garden to have lunch at Banapple. I ordered their Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne and Banoffee Pie. I got to prove it again that the two were a deadly combination at it got me full in no time. I felt like I've eaten in a buffet. But I've got a nice view while having lunch though XD. Then I went back to the office to continue doing some work and stuff when my phone rang. It was an alarm for the foodies event at Kitch Cafe at 7:00pm. I got back in the office at almost 11:00pm since the event was unexpectedly long.

Friday: I left the office at around 12:30am after taking care of some things. I took a cab on my way home to get there quicker. Its nice that the taxi driver I got wasn't boring and after less than 30 minutes, I got home. When I got home, my wife was sleeping soundly. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and showed her the gift certificate I got from Kitch's Cafe. I made sure I fall asleep at 1:00am and got up at around 8:30am. I checked the CD that Kitch Cafe gave me the other night. The file was a collection of their food from the menu which is constantly updating. I got in the office just in time to start finishing some of the things my colleagues have started. This means less time for other stuff and the like for the mean time XD. By 4:00pm, I went to the Enterprise Tower to buy my lunch which consists of two half-bowl soups (Chili and Fish-Fillet Chowder) and Apple Waldorf Salad. Despite the warm lunch-slash-dinner that I'm having, I still can't keep myself awake as I feel sleepy every minute of my shift.I tried to scrub the data that my OIC gave me to check for some corrections since my other colleagues are not that aware of any discrepancies. I left the office a bit late as I finished scrubbing the data that I submitted to our manager earlier.

Saturday: I got home at exactly midnight as my wife was about to get asleep. I joined her and got up seven hours later. I was already on my senses and getting ready to attend MIAS 2011 (I'll write a separate blog for this) when my wife told me to do some errands first. I was also side-tracked as I watched TV together with my wife before leaving home at past 9:00am. I thought it would take me a while to go to World Trade Center but apparently I got there in less than an hour which means the event hasn't started yet when I got there XD. I has a quick snack at Jollibee near WTC and got a pancake meal. After my meal, the doors were open for the MIAS 2011. It took me 5 hours to cover the event. But that 5 hours was relatively SHORT as I left WTC at 2:45pm to be in the office. Once I got in the office, I took a few minutes of rest before going to Greenbelt 1 to buy myself some lunch at Bon Chon. I got 2 lunch packs since I was really hungry that time. I also bought a birthday card for my wife and a newspaper to read on. My shift wasn't that busy but I wasn't able to maximize my blogging time. I waited for my other colleague to arrive before finally going home. I was really excited to go home as the next day would be my wife's birthday XD.

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