Friday, April 8

My First Experience at Kitch's Restaurant

Last night, I was able to attend the blogger's event at Kitch's Cafe wherein we got to sample one of their dishes that they will be releasing within the next few days. Good thing I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend Azrael again.

A good corner office for me XD

I sneaked-out of the office at past 6:00pm and went straight to Arnaiz Ave to locate Kitch's Cafe. Going there didn't take me that long as I have a map with me and I packed light (me, my camera + external flash in a pouch bag) instead of bringing my usual red Lowepro Fastpack 250 bag (I'll make a separate blog for my camera bag). It took me a while to pin-point Kitch's exact location and I had to kill some time as I got there 10 minutes after I left the office.


Taken from their website

When I got there, the ambiance was nice and cozy as one of the staff asked me to register before handing me some goodies. I got a cd that contains more info on their products as well as a 500-peso GC that I could use sometime soon. I noticed a group of plates hanging on the wall before Chef Mildred Smith told us some history about the plates. Apparently, she collects plates that she got more than a thousand one of a kind plates as she used to work in the advertising field before she took up culinary arts in the US. The plates was her collection from her trips abroad and she used them before for food styling.

Chef Mildred doing some introduction

Mang Jo in action

Then she introduced to us her two other co-chef, Chef Eugene Raymundo and Chef Mark Smith (her husband). Also, she introduced us her baker (former driver) Mang Jo who is the man in the oven.

Before we got to sample their pizzas, she offered us its base which is pandesal. I used to make pizza pandesal when I was young but this pandesal is as big as a personal pan pizza from a famous pizza restaurant. Their dough (pandesal) is much more healthy than the commercialized ones.

We tasted their pandesal first and it was crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. The way I like my pandesal aside from being baked fresh. Now we move on to the pizzas. We have seven different pizzas to taste and judge which among them is the best pizza. These seven pizzas were a collaboration of Oriental, Mediterranean, American and Filipino style which will cater to all loyal pizza lovers. 

Tinapang Bangus with Kesong Puti Pizza

First, we tried Tinapang Bangus with Kesong Puti Pizza. The presentation is ok though I didn't notice the taste of tinapang bangus in the pizza. But nevertheless, its a good pizza to start with. 

Pizza Verde

Second was Pizza Verde. They use Pesto as their base sauce and it is also topped with asparagus and smoked chicken slices. This could be your alternative to Vegetarian Pizza but with a twist. I'm not used to eating pizza with a pesto but this could be an exception.

Kesong Puti with Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza

Third was the Kesong Puti with Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza. This is one of my personal favorites as the kesong puti on the pizza tastes good and sweet as well.

Sausage, Peppers and Onions Pizza

Fourth was the Sausage, Peppers and Onions Pizza. Its a meat-lovers pizza of sort except for the onions.This pizza would really make your tummy full (or probably after eating more than two slices of each pizza).

Peking Chicken Pizza

Fifth was the Peking Chicken Pizza. It almost had me mistake it for a peking duck but its not. Its a roast chicken pizza with oyster sauce, mayonnaise, garlic chips and spring onions.

Chicken Curry with Thai Basil Pizza

Sixth was the Chicken Curry with Thai Basil Pizza. Its not that I didn't like the pizza. but rather its the one I liked the least. It tasted like the Pizza Verde but I like the former much better.

Fig and Bleu Cheese Pizza

And last but not the least, the Fig and Bleu Cheese Pizza. This one was my dessert as the mixture of sweet and salty taste lingers in my mouth.

Blogger's Pizza

They also had the Blogger's Pizza wherein our blogger friends were the ones who made it. I wasn't able to taste it because my tummy was full already.

Take your pick. XD

That night was really fun and enjoyable as I discover a new place to hang-out (pretty soon). I hope I could take my wife there so we could enjoy their food and ambiance.

Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy. XD

Hope to go back soon. XD


  1. I really want to taste pizza'a made with veggies and with a different kick. Just hope there's a nearest store in our place who sells those type of pizza.

  2. I was amazed at the former driver who is now in charge of the oven.

    You've got good photos on the place, I like the resto's concept very much! =)

  3. wow! that's a lot of pizza! :) is that their regular serving per order of pizza?

  4. Nice! That's a lot of carbo! Ha ha ha! I love the lighting fixture photo!

  5. ang unique ng pizza nila! I wanna try!

  6. Hey Sir Mark! I guess from all the pizza's, I would probably have a hard time eating the Tinapang Bangus with Kesong Puti Pizza. I don't fancy having fish on my pizza (so I never really enjoyed the ones with anchovies on them). Hopefully, trying out Kitchs creation may change my mind.

  7. the ambiance is perfect.. and the pizza... oh my just captured it perfectly? or their pizza is really mouth watering?


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