Tuesday, April 12

My first Buffalo Wings and Things experience

Last Monday (April 4, 2011) after my wife's check-up with her doctor, I was thinking where to eat next. In my quest to try out something new, my first pick was Buffalo's Wings and Things since most food bloggers rave about their chicken wings among others. But my primary concern was its location. Since I'm not familiar with Ortigas Home Depot that much, I almost surrendered and just picked another until my wife wanted to try this as well.

Going there from The Medical City didn't took us that long as we just jump off from near the flyover going to Metrowalk. It took us probably 15-30 more minutes of walking and searching for it until we found the place.

Best enjoyed without any utensils. XD

Looking at the ambiance, for me its just ok. Not your classy place but probably a hang-out spot for yuppies and college boys and girls (Hey, me and my wife still look young anyway XD).

Picking out the food took us a short time as we were quite hungry. For our things, we got Chili N' Cheese Nachos (125 pesos). Their Nachos tastes ok though I notice that the cheese they put in is not that thick and creamy. I didn't notice anything special with their chili. We could try their Chili and Cheese Fries on our next visit sometime soon.

Chili N' Cheese Nachos

My wife had Iced Tea while I got 2 bottles of San Mig Light (with her permission XD) to quench our thirst while waiting for our buffalo wings.

Aprroved! XD

Then we got ourselves a pound of Champion Buffalo Wings (254 pesos). We were given two options for the sauces. I picked Firehouse Classic for the spicy and Garlic Parmesan for the non-spicy.

The Garlic Parmesan has a touch of garlic and parmesan which my wife liked it (so am I). The crispiness of the chicken wings is very much to my liking that I might have this in the near future. These are best eaten without using spoon and fork.

Garlic Parmesan

For the Firehouse Classic, it is indeed hot. Not just hot, but Extra Hot! I felt the spiciness and a little hint of sourness on the chicken wings. It is best washed with an iced-cold San Mig light which I had 2 bottles. My wife kept on reminding me to wipe my forehead as it keeps on sweating. If it wasn't for the extra dips that we got (Bleu Cheese and Buffalo Ranch), I could have ordered more bottles of beer.

Firehouse Classic

Staff were fast and attentive to our needs as well as they're pleasant enough (meaning they don't look like crew at all). The experience was a first for us since it was our first time to eat chicken wings that way.

I guess I'll be visiting their branch nearest to my office so I could have some wings whenever I want. XD

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