Thursday, January 21

Baclaran Church Revisited

Yesterday, I went to Baclaran Church not just to seek help and guidance from our Mother of Perpetual Help but also to take pictures as well. Hoping I would include this in my goal to take pictures of 100 churches. 

After Visiting my Mom in her office, I went straight to Baclaran Church. Its been a very long time since I've set my foot into that Church. It kinda made me reminisce the old times when I visited the Church together with my mom. I think it was more than 20 years ago. And everytime I pass by Baclaran whenever I go to Las PiƱas or travelling via coastal road, I always do see this church from a distance but I never got a chance to set foot inside until yesterday. It took me another 5 minute walk to reach the church since jeepneys cannot pass through the back of the church.

As I went inside, the church was really filled with people from all walks of life. Rich or poor, everyone came to pray and seek guidance from our Mother and there was a mass going-on. After the mass, I tried to get closer into the altar.


The altar was simple yet my eyes were really captivated by its simplicity. I really wanted to take a picture of it right now but since there were a lot (I mean too many) of people praying, I decided not to pay respect first. I checked the vicinity of the church and checked its schedule. I forgot that every Wednesday, this church is jam-packed with people so I decided to visit again soon not just to pray but to take pictures as well.

And since I wasn't able to take pictures of the church, I downloaded some pictures from the internet to make this entry a little bit more interesting. .

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