Tuesday, October 27

The First 25 Things most people thought would know about me but probably not

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Most bloggers begin their post by saying random things about themselves. They probably do it as an introduction to themselves. Some wanted to catch the attention of the readers. Some, I guess did it out of the blue. I was thinking...

I will be posting 25 things most people thought would know about me but probably not. So here it goes...

1. My current hobby right now is photography right after I got my first DSLR (courtesy of my fiancee).

2. I love playing Facebook games espacially Mafia wars. But I don't play any interactive games like farmville, yoville, restaurant city and the like since it makes your system work slower.

3. I Couldn't sleep at night without my radio turned on.

4. Everytime I leave our house to go to distant places, I make sure to take my backpack even if its empty.

5. I prefer watching chick-flicks over horror movies.

6. I have been collecting men's magazine (FHM, UNO, Maxim, Rogue, Playboy) for the past 9 years. FHM #1 is still my holy grail.

7. I have a sharp photographic memory that I consider a blessing and a curse at the same time.

8. The last time I hit the gym for a serious workout was last 2000.

9. I keep a written book of my escapades from 1993 to 2007.

10. I listen to almost all kinds of rock and metal music.

11. I make sure I'm 30-45 minutes early on schedule because I hate being late.

12. I know how to play the guitar (acoustic and electric) as well as bass (acoustic and electric) but I'm having a very-very hard time playing the drums.

13. My first ambition when I was a kid was to be a captain of the air force and fly the f-16.

14. I don't (and I really HATE it) watch tagalog movies on the big screen except for some R-18 movies way back in college.

15. The first console video game I played was Madmax and the last was Valkyrie Profile.

16. The last time I got in a fist fight was last 1993 with one of my classmate. Another two joined against me and all of them ended up beaten.

17. I find the JS Prom so boring that the reason I have to attend is because we were required to.

18. I wear an all-black attire every valentines day for 10 years (1993-2003) because I hate valentines day.

19. Everytime I celebrate my birthday, I have to be inside any church at exactly 5:40pm.

20. I love math subjects.

21. One of my pet peeves are people who set incorrect expectations. I hate it when there would be sudden change of things and I would be the last one to know.

22. Though I'm not highly tech-savvy, I still make sure to keep myself updated. with the latest trends.

23. I had twin brothers for only a few days.

24. LA Lakers and Brgy Ginebra are my favorite basketball teams ever since I learned basketball.

25. I only learned how to eat fish, seafood and vegetables at the age of 20.

So there. My first 25 things most people would know about me but probably not. Till the next 25.  ^_^


  1. I tick 20 out 25. Hahaha Go on Barangay Ginebra.

  2. Aha! Now we know!! Hehe.. Nice post! I hate valentines too!! ;)

  3. We are opposite on your number 20! i hate maths! Very good post! i enjoyed it! Tnx for sharing. :)

  4. Wow! You are what you are and I envy you. As I read all those qualities and gifts that you have...I have realized how poor I am. I would love to have that photographic memory and the love for numbers too.

  5. things that may have surprised even your bestest friend. =)

  6. Google warned me about your site that it may contained adult content... hehehehe.

  7. what's the catch?
    i have second thought of viewing your page.
    what does it mean anyways?
    it's all about you lang pala... rated PG nmn ah :)

  8. nice to know more about you. anung meron sa 5:40PM and you need to be inside the church?

  9. #5 surprised me. I certainly hope the wife-y enjoys watching chick flicks with you!

  10. You must be an awesome guy with #5 since my bf is always sleeping watching those.

  11. Oooh! Kabaranggay!!! hehe.. Go, GINEBRA! XD

    I prefer to watch ANY kind of movie.. hindi lang horror! lol

  12. any reason for the 5:40pm? and i'm same with #20

  13. these are much of you!hahahaah...

  14. I'm a girl, but I prefer horror movies over chick-flicks. Had a good laugh at "FHM is still my holy grail." What does your wife think about that? :-)

  15. Aside from fish the sea foods I recently learned to eat and indulge are shrimp, crab and pusit. I am allergic to these before but I tried to resist it...so siguro nahiyang na rin.



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