Friday, January 22

What I did yesterday

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. 30 years have gone by and somehow I've learned a lot from the experience. I know I still have a long way to go before I could say I'm finally settled with everything. God is indeed good that He gave me blessings despite what happened to me in these past few months.

I was able to take pictures at the Manila Cathedral yesterday despite rumors that taking pictures inside is not allowed. I scouted the area first before politely asking the person in-charge if its ok to take pictures inside while there was no Mass going-on. After he said yes, I took some pictures of my supposedly dream church.

It was a year ago when I remembered that my then fiancee (my wife now) that I wanted to get married at this church (Manila Cathedral) but alas, we didn't because our wedding date coincides with the Marian Procession. Probably we can renew our vows here 10, 15 or 25 years from now =D.

As I proceed with my final touches in the shoot. Someone approached me and asked if I could take a picture of the church using her DSLR (probably because I was taking pictures of the entire church lying on the pavement). I agreed and gave some little pointers on her settings.

I left the area at around 6:30pm happy since one of my birthday wish was fulfilled. =)

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