Friday, January 8

The Second 25 things most people would know about me but probably not

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If you still remember my first 25 things posted here, you would have known me 20% by now. And all you need is 80% more. XD
Here are the Second 25 things most people would know about me but probably not. This would be my first personal post for 2010. 

1. I haven't played basketball since 2004 after being so active in this sport when I was 10.

2.  I'm quite addicted in watching documentary shows that's why I usually stay up late.

3. I could work efficiently as long as I would have at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Any less than that would make me feel groggy and sluggish

4. I just started blogging thru blogspot and wordpress and its really fun although I've been blogging for a while thru multiply and friendster.

5. I prefer buying new stuff rather than used or even slightly used except if the item is very rare.

6. I have a strong sense of direction especially with a map in my hand.

7. I love trying new dishes from various restaurants.

8. Cooking breakfast is my specialty.

9. I have mannerisms that people would find very annoying and you don't want to know.

10. Most of the time I feel denied of my dreams that's why I contemplate a lot.

11. As much as possible, I don't post-process my pictures (except for cropping and adding watermark) for personal reasons. But I may try to learn Photoshop this year.

12. I am a member of more than 50 forums but I'm only active to at least 5-8 as of the moment.

13. I haven’t had sex for almost five and a half years until I got married. XD

14. I started wearing eyeglasses since 1999.

15. I've been bankrupt for several times now. And this time, I was able to save something.

16. I have a collection of articles about job hunting and work since 2003.

17. I got addicted to chat (mirc) as well as joining trivia contests from 2000-2003

18. I learned to use the internet at a late age of 21.

19. Pizza and Pasta are my favorite food but my comfort food is Sopas.

20. I am the only one in the family who haven't traveled via airplane (domestic or international) or thru ferry boat not until Dec 11, 2009 for our honeymoon.

21. The first time I got my heart broken was in 1996. Ten years later (2006), I found the one that I'll be spending the rest of my life with.

22. One thing I hate at work is office politics.

23. I get attracted to older women (at least 1-5 years older) rather than younger women for some strange reason.

24. I'm really fascinated with billiards though I never got a chance to master the sport.

25. I don't really like Filipino time and I never will.

So there you go. My first 25 things most people would know about me but probably not. Till the next 25.  ^_^


  1. Good compilation! =) This made me think about making my own 25 things about me as well..

  2. No. 25 - me too I hate Filipino time. When I moved abroad it made me realise the this is not Philippines anymore. Being on time or be there ahead of time is most appreciated by everyone than being late. Shame on you if you are late. "It's better than late than never" I don't like that quote as well.

  3. it got me thinking now when was the last time i had

    this list thingy is really cool...i'll probably have my own in time of my birthday...hope you don't mind borrowing your idea.

  4. wow full faqs about you! hahaha! we have same comfort food!!

  5. natry ko din yang mirc na mga trivia questions dati..hahaha..pampalipas oras lng...

  6. enjoyed reading your list. i might make my 25 things too. btw, what is your breakfast specialty?

    RC Gweniful

  7. nice... you should play basketball... i also don't like office politics and let's not relate being late to Filipino time, please. thanks. Yahweh bless.

  8. this list will somehow give us a little of you...
    i say "little" because i believe that knowing a person very well is knowing on a personal note.

    it's unselfish of you to share.


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