Thursday, January 28

How to deal with ONLINE JERKS

Madami talaga dito nyan especially sa Multiply. Thanks to Trisha for sharing this ^_^

The great thing about the Internet is that it allows you to meet new people and interact with potential customers and art buyers. But at the same time the Internet gives buyers, customers, and even outright strangers the ability to bad mouth you, your work, and to act like outright jerks. What do you do when someone decides to use your blog or your Multiply/Facebook account to spread nasty and untrue stories about you?

1. Don't hide. The best protection is to be active online
• People will talk about you whether you're online or not
• Being active online will allow you to monitor what's being said about you
• Google your name and your business. Use Google Alerts to monitor your name

2. Build your reputation online before someone builds it for you
• Join social networks and participate. Interact with online friends
• Start a blog. Encourage comments and join in on the discussion
• Be helpful, treat people well
• Answer direct questions and offer solutions

3. Set some rules
• Your blog and your profiles are your "home" on the Internet, set some boundaries
• Write a comments policy for your blog and enforce it
• Get familiar with your moderation and privacy settings

4. Handling complaints and negative comments
• Resist the urge to erase or retaliate
• Listen...the complaint may be legitimate
• Offer sympathy and solutions
• Don't be afraid to let others see the complaints and your solutions to them

5. Dealing with an out of control jerk
• Intervene in the case or outright lies, abusive or offensive language or harassment 
• Don't engage directly with the jerk 
• Tell your side of the story to the rest of your community  
• Remove the jerk if necessary


  1. I know a jerk. Does he go by the name of TOOT TOOT... XD

    Nice post Lord B.

  2. Salamats Earl.

    At dahil ikaw ang unang nagpost dito may lebre kang Metix courtesy of our supplier. XD


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