Wednesday, December 11

December Covers: Do you still have some 13th month pay left?

I hope you were able to save some of your 13th month pay and used some to buy gifts for yourself. With that, I'm sure you saved a little bit more to buy some December issues. Don't know what to pick, let me help. ;-)

1. FHM Philippines (Alice Dixon): Never in my wildest dreams she'd do a cover for FHM. I remember when she was my crush back in high school because of her fresh look and how she carries herself in Dyesebel.

FHM Philippines

2. Esquire Philippines (Tribute to the Typhoon Yolanda Victims): Esquire Philippines never fails to amaze me as they pay tribute to the people who have lost their lives due to this super typhoon. I'm looking forward for the photo essay about the typhoon and its impact to the people upclose.

3. Rogue (Andi Eigenmann): At first I thought it was Anne Curtis again until I stared on the cover longer =P . anyway, this would be another interesting issue to have for Christmas.

4. UNO (Mocha Girls): This could be an issue for keeps as UNO would feature Mocha Girls and ONLY Mocha Girls. I'm anticipating for this issue to be released sometime next week. And it also has a 2014 calendar insert together with the magazine. Unlike other magazines, all you need to do is flip the cover page to get a different cover. XD

UNO Cover A

UNO Cover B

5: Playboy Philippines (Lian Paz): Another former EB Babe is now the cover for Playboy Philippines. Despite her failed marriage, I'm sure her fans would be able to cheer her up as she gets back-up and resurrect her career. And by the way, she also has two covers which you could choose. XD

Playboy Philippines Cover A

 Playboy Philippines Cover B

Well I still have some 13th month pay left with me so I'd grab some good reads. Get yours too before it runs out.

Happy Holidays!

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