Monday, December 9

Swabeng Thoughts: 2013's Hits and Misses

As the year is almost done, I felt that there are a few more things that needs to be done before the year turns to 2014.

This year is really a good year for me to grow as a person (in whole) and learned a lot within the last 12 months. Everything was taken with a grain of salt and an open mind as I'm now plotting my 2014 to-do's (to be written on a separate post).

Anyway, here are the things I am grateful of regardless of whether its a hit or miss.

1. A new job in a new company (Hit!): I've been praying to get a new job right after I left my old job. I didn't slack off on this one as I looked for one and got it after 4 months. The good thing is that the one I got is probably the one I consider a dream come true. My job here is not just answering phones but doing other stuff as well while I try to learn as much as I can. Pay is higher than most BPOs give and more and I was able to save too for my daughter's future.

2. Saving for the rainy day (Hit!): Thanks to my job, my take home pay is more than enough that I can put 40% into my daughter's account (my account). I was able to hit a good target for the year though my wife was hoping a much bigger savings. I could have hit that target if it wasn't for a few stumbling blocks along the way. Nevertheless, I was also able to buy a few things for myself without compromising my daughter's savings and I'll make sure to continue to save more. 

3. Attending Events (Hit!): Well, I've missed this years' FHM 100 Sexiest Event and Bumper to Bumper for the nth time. But I was still able to attend a few more events though its kinda sad that some of my friends have their own shooting gigs already. As long as my rest days still fall on a weekend, I'd continue to attend to keep me busy and de-stress myself. 

4. Achieving Zero Backlog (Miss!): Honestly, I'd blame it on poor time management on my part as I couldn't seem to either get up early or stay up very late to either edit photos or update my blog posts. I was able to have a good start and eventually, faded by the 4th quarter of the year. Hopefully by next year I would be able to sustain my campaign to achieve zero backlog for my blog posts and my photos to edit.  

5. Keeping myself in top shape (Miss!): The only downside in working in this type of environment is that you spend close to 8 hours sitting staring at the monitor. I'm not complaining here though I could have done something to improve my overall health from regaining my 20/20 vision to my improving heart condition to to losing weight and keeping it off, to my dental dilemma which I need to have those useless tooth extracted once and for all. Hopefully next year, I'd be able to improve in all of them.

That's only a few things I was able to accomplish this year. Now I'm trying to draft the things I need to do this coming 2014. ^_^

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