Sunday, November 10

Swabeng Thoughts: Philippines' elusive quest for the Miss Universe Crown and the current streak

Since 2010 when Ms Venus Raj was able to break the curse and went home 4th Runner Up during Miss Universe 2010, our ladies seem to be on a roll with each passing year ranking higher and almost winning the crown last year (2012). I'm sure each one of them prepared so hard for it making sure that they would be able to make our country proud.

With the recently concluded Pageant ended a few hours ago in Moscow, I felt our very own Ms Ariella Arida (Ara by her family, fans and friends) gave an answer that was incomplete if you ask me (sorry, its just me =P ). Ara could have felt the time pressure thus she came up with an answer that lacks something that would have made the judges vote for her as the winner.

I had no qualms on how she carried herself during the swimwear competition. However, me and my wife was just puzzled on why she don a yellow-colored gown instead of something else. A light-colored gown (say white, beige) would have brought out her morena complexion more. I noticed how fair Ara's complexion was during the pre-pageant while she got a bit dark during the coronation night. Speaking of which, my wife commented on how Ara's make-up artist would have done better on her. I mean, she's not that dark but I'm sure she would look much elegant if her make-up was more on the lighter side. Our TV may have this problem though as all of the computer monitors I've looked at were pretty much okay =P

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When it comes to the question and answer portion, she's the only one who didn't have an interpreter while the other four had their own which enable them to answer the question in their own language. While I have nothing against having an interpreter, I'd say we could try get one for the next beauty queens to answer the questions easily. Or the organizers should implement an English-Only answer for the Q and A (I doubt they would grant this =P )

Swabeng thoughts: Education is one of the keys to secure a potential job and a good future. However, she may have forgot to add that education starts at home when parents teach their little kids the values in life and how we make full use of it (Oh well, thats just me =P ).

But at the end of this post, I (together with millions of Filipinos here and abroad) am are still proud of your achievements at the recently concluded Ms Universe 2013. ^_^

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