Sunday, November 3

Swabeng Thoughts: Planner Season

Well some of the coffee shops in the metro has already launched their own version of their 2014 Journal (Planner) which would make coffee aficionados collect for one. I myself look forward to what they can offer as I need to limit my planner to as few as possible =P. Choosing one seems a bit complicated especially to those who has limited budget like myself.

But still, there are still critics who couldn't seem to understand why people spend money just to get the planner of their choosing. Rather than feeling upset towards them, I feel sorry as they really don't understand the mechanics and how collecting coffeeshop planners makes fanatics feel satisfied when they get what they want. Aside from that, some of the proceeds go to the coffeeshop's charity partner.

I've been collecting planners of this coffeeshop since 2007 and up to now, I'd still look forward to get my own. Maybe I'll get only one for 2014 and from there we'll see if there is a need to get more than one planner for 2014. Anyway, see you soon. 

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